Annual Rhodes Scholarship Program 2016

 Rhodes scholarship The Rhodes Scholarship for Jamaica & the Commonwealth Caribbean


Applications for the Rhodes Scholarship for 2017 for Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean will open in June. 

The Selection Committees typically will meet in Kingston and Barbados in November, and the Rhodes Scholarship Trust will ordinarily pay travel expenses for those candidates who are invited to interview where they cannot be met from other (e.g. university) sources.  Prospective applicants from Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean should carefully review:

  • The general information about the Rhodes Scholarship,
  • The selection criteria that apply in all Rhodes constituencies, and then
  • The application criteria specific to Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean (available when applications open in June)

Applications are invited from suitable qualified for two (2) RHODES SCHOLARSHIP to be awarded as follows:

  • The Jamaica Rhodes Scholarships are available to candidates from Jamaica ONLY; and
  • The Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship, available to all Caribbean candidates, including Jamaicans (at the committee’s discretion).

Qualified candidates of the annual Rhodes Scholarships must have successfully undertaken academic training sufficiently advanced to assure the completion of a bachelor’s degree by 1st, October of the year of application submission.

Married candidates can now apply for the annual Rhodes Scholarships program.

 Rhodes Scholarship Application Criteria

The criteria for the selection by the committees are as follows: All qualified applicants of the annual Rhodes Scholarship must show a proven intellectual and academic achievement of a high standard, which is the first quality required of applicants. The applicants will be required to show:

  • Integrity of character;
  • Sympathy for and protection of the weak;
  • The ability to lead; and
  • The energy to use their talent to the fullest.

The closing date for Jamaican and Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship application is September 30 annually. By this date, all completed applications and entry forms must be received by the secretary. The memorandum which contains details of the Rhodes Scholarships as well as the application forms may be obtained HERE or from:

21 East Street, Kingston, Jamaica
Telephone: 876.922.5960
Fax: +1 876 922 7575
Alternate Email:

A Rhodes Scholarship covers:

  • All University and College fees;
  • The University application fee;
  • A personal stipend which is fixed by the Trustees (£13,658 per annum 2014-15);
  • One economy class airfare to Oxford at the start of the scholarship and one economy flight back to the student’s home country at the conclusion of the scholarship.

While the partners of Rhodes Scholars are warmly welcomed by Rhodes House, Oxford, married/partnered applicants should take note that the stipend is sufficient for one person only, and the Rhodes Trust takes no responsibility for support of the Scholar’s spouse/partner or dependents. Financial need gives no special claim to a Rhodes Scholarship.

The winners of this prestigious annual scholarship program can be viewed here.

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