Beaches donates to Education Scholarship Fund

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Beaches donates US$35,000 to TCI Education Scholarship Fund

Beaches donates to the TCI Education Scholarship Fund! The Beaches Resort international hotel chain has donated US$35,000  or J$4 million to the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Education Scholarship Fund recently as reported by

Beaches Turks and Caicos continued its commitment to promote education in the TCI this week when Beaches donates a whopping US$35,000 (J$4 million) cheque to the island’s tertiary education scholarship fund.

The resort has been a long-time supporter of education in the TCI and has donated over US$280,000 (J$32 Million) to the scholarship fund since 2006.

Minister of Education in the Turks & Caicos Akierra Missick, who accepted the checque on behalf of her Ministry, expressed her gratitude to Beaches Resort for the annual contribution.

“The Department of Education is grateful for this partnership and for the financial donation to our scholarship fund,” she said. “This donation will go a long way as it will help to further the academic goals of many Turks & Caicos Islanders and will also help with their career endeavors.”

Bring it home to Jamaica

We at Scholarship Jamaica sincerely believe the answer to our tertiary education financing dilemma is to establish a similar National Scholarship Fund (NSF) that is managed by a local board formed by members from the education system, student body, scholarship experts and finance industry.

Continue to follow us to see our proposed National Scholarship Fund for tertiary education financing in Jamaica.

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