Boosting Academic Performance With A Private Tutor


Dr Karla Hylton (right) tutoring students

How to Boost Academic Performance With A Private Tutor

The typical classroom is a battleground for attention, with an ongoing struggle for teachers to maintain order and stir interest. Highly opinionated pupils tend to dominate discussions, while the quiet and reserved often fade into the background. For many teens, this traditional arrangement is less than ideal for learning.

“I would describe myself as a very shy person,” said 18-year-old Asia Powell. “If I don’t understand something in class, I am not going to raise my hand, out of fear of embarrassment,” she admitted.

In the lead-up to her Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams, Powell was worried about how she would perform. Her grades were just about average. She knew she needed to improve them.

Recognising that she was not studying and practising enough, she decided to reach out to a private tutor for help with biology and chemistry.


Powell soon enrolled in Dr Karla Hylton’s Bio & Chem Tutoring programme, which offered an intimate learning space and an intensive review of the CSEC syllabus. Here, Hylton diligently covered each topic with a small group of no more than five students, starting with simple principles and gradually building to more complicated concepts.

At the end of each session, pupils go through worksheets and past papers to ensure they fully understand the material they were taught.

In this more comfortable environment, Powell no longer feared asking questions. Instead, she eagerly participated in discussions.

As crunch time approached, many of Powell’s schoolmates at her high school began to panic, and the teachers, now on edge, were forced to rush through lessons. By contrast, Powell was in revision mode, scanning notes, and reviewing useful tips on Hylton’s website,, and exuding confidence.

Powell calmly tackled each of her CSEC exams, assured of her subject knowledge and never doubting her abilities. Already familiar with the full scope of the curriculum, she readily reasoned problems and formulated her responses.

Although she knew she had done well, Powell was still nervous to check her scores a few months later. The results – grade ones across the board for all eight subjects.

Beaming with happiness, she explained that she was proud of what she was able to accomplish, and her parents were thrilled with her achievement.

“Working with a private tutor was an amazing experience for me,” Powell explained. “I welcomed the small class size as I appreciated the individualised attention, the pace and the relaxed setting. Private tutoring was extremely beneficial to me and played a key role in my academic success,” she said.

Boosting Academic Performance With A Private Tutor
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Boosting Academic Performance With A Private Tutor
How to Boost Academic Performance With A Private Tutor, from the perspective of a proven recipient of this strategy in her CSEC results
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