EPOC Launch Educational Programme


Keith Duncan, the new co-chairman of the EPOC, speaks to journalists during a press briefing at the offices of Sagicor yesterday.

EPOC to launch IMF educational programme

The Economic Programme Oversight Committee (EPOC) will be embarking on a public-education programme to explain to Jamaicans the requirements under the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme and illustrate what it means to them in their everyday lives.

Jamaicans will be educated around the meaning of the primary surplus, fiscal space, and other terminology used in the standby agreement and the extended fund facility that was in place before, in order to show that the country will be in a better position if the authorities are able to fulfil the agreed performance criteria, said Keith Duncan, the newly installed EPOC co-chairman.

The educational programme is meant to encourage Jamaicans to buy into the agreement between the IMF and the Government.

“We really would like to look at seeing how we can diversify the channels through which we report,” said Duncan, in releasing the first communiquÈ by the non-public-sector members of EPOC at a press conference in New Kingston yesterday.

Incorporating Social Media 

 “We intend to use more social media,” including Facebook, Instagram and others, in communicating, he said.

“We’d like to educate Jamaica around what does a primary surplus mean? What does fiscal space mean? What do all of these terms that you hear … actually mean to you as Jamaicans? What does it mean in your daily lives?” he said.

Duncan added: “We want to be able to break it down so Jamaicans can really have a level of ownership of this plan, and for them to see that if we are to be able to execute and to deliver on this plan, Jamaica [would be] in a much better place.”

The EPOC co-chair said: “We are looking forward to working with every Jamaican” in educating and engaging them to ensure that they understand the agreement and “what will it mean for Jamaica at the end of the day”.

Duncan said EPOC will be monitoring the programme, “but we are working towards making Jamaica a better place”.


EPOC Launch Educational Programme
Article Name
EPOC Launch Educational Programme
The EPOC will be embarking on a public-education programme to explain to Jamaicans the requirements under the IMF programme in coming weeks.
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