The Esmie L. Walters Scholarship (Essay Competition)

The Esmie L. Walters Scholarship

The Professional Jamaicans for Jamaica, Inc., in honor of Ms. Esmie L. Walters, an essay competition has been established in her name in order to recognize her commitment to education.  This Esmie L. Walters Scholarship will be awarded to students with the best essays.

Total Available Scholarship Funds: JMD$100,000

​First Place Award: $50,000

(A)  Essay Questions … (2,500 words max)

In recent years, indiscipline and violent crimes have steadily become the norm in Jamaican society.  Some believe that “better will never come”, while others believe “there is still hope” for the nation and its citizens.

  • In your own words, how would you define the word “indiscipline” and the term “violent crimes”?
  • Are you ‘for’ or ‘against’ one of these two positions, “better will never come” or “there is still hope”?  While you might have an opinion, you must also support your position with proven facts.
  • Assume your school was awarded a grant of Euro €1million (~ USD$1,246,000) from an independent agency in Europe, to effectively curb indiscipline and violent crimes that are both spiraling out of control. 

As a student and citizen of this beautiful island, which plans would you implement to make these changes?  Your plan design and steps should be SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

(B)  Personal Statement … Required for ALL Students … (1,500 words max)

Write a short statement in support of your application.  This should address the following points:

  • Why are you applying for this scholarship, and how will you benefit from the opportunities it will provide?
  • Discuss any challenges you have dealt with, overcame, and how these lessons have influenced you.
  • ​How have you contributed to your school and community during the academic year?  In retrospect, what could you have done differently?

If your FINAL school report or CSEC results will not be available by the application deadline, kindly submit everything else before the deadline, so you can be placed on the waiting list.  No decisions on your Esmie L. Walters Scholarship essay will be made, until we receive the missing information.  Your application will be automatically disqualified, if it is missing anything else.

​Finalists of the Esmie L. Walters Scholarship Essay Competition will receive further correspondence from the organization to attend our Annual Awards Banquet to be held August 2018 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. The organization reserves the right to disqualify any essay found to be in violation of our guidelines without any notification to you.

About the Professional Jamaicans of Jamaica, Inc.

Professional Jamaicans for Jamaica, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt Organization which was created to address the economic and education needs of children who are challenged socio-economically and socially.

The goal of the organization is to identify students who excel academically in school, but lack financial and moral support to pursue their goals, and to also provide scholarships to assist with their needs. We also target teenage  mothers and offer entrepreneurial and personal development training.

We understand that if children are to become adults who are committed to a stable and safe environment, where all citizens can self-actualize and pursue happiness, then urgent intervention and continuous support are required. Unfortunately, the inescapable realities of challenged communities expose many gifted students to the possibility of not completing high school and also develop anti-social behaviors.

The organization understands that students must be held accountable for the role they will play in their own success. However, before students can be held accountable, their basic needs must be met. Studies show that students who do not eat breakfast are less likely to perform well in school.  Studies also show that students who flourish academically, usually do so in environments where they feel safe and where they feel that their teachers care about them.

Unfortunately, many students to school without breakfast, and worse, are exposed to less than ideal learning environments. PJFJ seeks to affect change in these areas.

Our organization is led by Jamaicans who reside globally and are committed to the success of Jamaica. We are encouraged to participate in open dialogues about Jamaica, and to assist with funding programs that appeal to them. Partnerships inspire a sense of collective responsibility and ownership for the future.

For more information contact us directly at and follow us on Twitter at @PJFJam or on Facebook at www.Facebook.Com/ProfessionalJamaicansforJamaica to follow our daily discussions on education and youth development.  

The organization is registered in the States of Connecticut and New York, and in Jamaica. The following information is registered with the Registrar of Companies for the State of Connecticut, New York, and in Kingston, Jamaica.

Professional Jamaicans of Jamaica, Inc., is dedicated to providing financial support to under-served children in Jamaica who demonstrate academic excellence and promise in exchange for their commitment to pay it forward and make positive contributions to the society. The organization has a firm belief that there are academically gifted students in Jamaica who are lacking the financial support required to realize their fullest potential.  The goal of Professional Jamaicans for Jamaica, Inc. is to bridge this financial gap for these students—giving them the opportunity to excel.

The Esmie L. Walters Scholarship (Essay Competition)
Article Name
The Esmie L. Walters Scholarship (Essay Competition)
The Professional Jamaicans for Jamaica, Inc., in honor of Ms. Esmie L. Walters, an essay competition has been established in her name in order to recognize her commitment to education.  This Esmie L. Walters Scholarship will be awarded to students with the best essays.