GSAT Scholarship Winner by Scotia Foundation

Top boy receives GSAT Scholarship

Tariq-Wright ScholarshipKINGSTON, Jamaica ( – A month ago, news broke that Holy Childhood Preparatory student Tariq Wright had received perfect scores in his Grade Six Achievement Test.

Yesterday, by way of a news release, the Ministry of Education announced that Tariq was the ‘Top Boy’ in the country and that he would receive a GSAT scholarship from the Scotia Bank Foundation to attend the Wolmer’s Boys School.

Candice Owens from Unity Primary and Darielle Edwards from Wolmer’s Preparatory will also be receiving GSAT scholarships from the Scotia Bank Foundation.

Both girls were named ‘Top Girls’ in the country who are qualified to win GSAT Scholarships.

Candice will be attending the Manning’s High School while Darielle will be attending the Wolmer’s High School for Girls in September.

Chief Education Officer at the ministry Grace McLean explained to OBSERVER ONLINE Sunday, just how the top boy and girls were selected, since some 21 students recorded perfect scores in all subjects in the last sitting of GSAT.

“The percentage scores are different from the raw scores. It is the raw scores that are used to rank the students,” McLean saidd. “The raw scores would give the actual scores based on the scale that is used.”

“ …So, while the percentage scores all seem to be  100 per cent, that is not what is used to rank the students and selection for scholarships,” Mclean said.

Meanwhile, other scholarship recipients include, James Welds from Corinaldi Avenue Primary who was the top boy from a primary, all-age or primary and junior high school and Angelisa McIntosh, who was named the top girl in the category.

James heads to Cornwall College and Angelisa will attend Campion College in September.

By: Moya Hinds

Congratulations to both GSAT scholarship winners for the 2015 offer from the Scotiabank Foundation. We at are always happy to share these stories.

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