Increase UWI Scholarship Funding

UWI Scholarship FundingIncrease UWI Scholarship Funding

There is a 15% increase in UWI Scholarship Funding for the 2016/2017 academic year!

The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus has announced a 15% increase in UWI scholarship funding from internal and external scholarship donors for the 2016/2017 academic year. This represents an increase of J$100million.

According to the pro vice chancellor and Principal of the campus, Professor Archibald McDonald, in the previous academic year external and internal donors provided the UWI scholarship funding totaling J$672 million, which was disbursed to needy students in the form of books, grants, meals, and scholarships. “This year (2016) that number has increased by J$100 million to J$772million, an increase of approximately 15 percent,” he pointed out (sourced:

Announcements like these are music to my ears and a massive boost to the SJ Team! This increase in the UWI scholarship funding gives us fuel to continue our work as the region’s premiere online scholarship solution and encouragement to tell you, students to apply for your share.

What does this mean for you?

This is an invitation to enrolled UWI students and first year enrollment applicants to request information about these scholarship opportunities and apply for as much scholarship and grants that you are qualified for – as big as the Carreras Full Tuition Scholarship or as small as the J$50,000 awards.

A matter of fact, don’t just apply for UWI scholarships, apply to your preferred university and request scholarship information and use our scholarship platform as well. If the UWI scholarship funding has increased then, for sure, other local university would have received similar boots.

Like corporations making political donations, most foundations, companies and individuals donate to several institutions at a time in an effort to spread the opportunities for students like you.

As enrollment increase, there is a similar increase in financial aid funding from alumni, not-for-profit foundations, international organizations, companies and individuals. Unfortunately, our local impressions of scholarship funding and distribution are not a priority for students and school administrative staff. Therefore, increase in scholarship funding and availability is not prioritized to be advertised to students new and enrolled. It is your responsibility as the student to seek out scholarship opportunity that your school may have or have knowledge of.

Best Scholarship News

With this scholarship funding increase, there will be enough financial aid to spread. However, if you don’t apply you won’t share in this massive free money pool. It’s no longer a secret, scholarship, grants, financial aid is the best way to pay your college tuition and best of all, it’s the smart and cool way to do it.

Once upon a time applying for scholarship and seeking financial aid was kept as a secret. Why though! It’s the smartest idea. What would you prefer, completing your degree with a SLB Loan of J$1.5million or completing your degree with scholarships and NO STUDENT LOAN!

You make the choice.

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