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JTA Scholarships BannerJamaica Teachers Association (JTA Scholarships)

For nearly a decade, the Jamaica Teacher’s Association (JTA) has been offering the JTA scholarships for teacher students, teachers and principals members to pursue their undergraduate and graduate studies in Jamaica and overseas.

For a number of years the Jamaica Teachers’ Association has been offering JTA scholarships to its members and students.  The Wesley Powell Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a teacher pursuing an accredited undergraduate degree programme while the Aubrey Phillips Memorial Scholarship is awarded to the student who has the highest performance in Manchester in the GSAT.

In 2007, the Association instituted the Presidents’ Scholarships to recognize the critical role of the Presidents in the governance of the Association.  At the Annual Conference held August 20-22, 2012, the delegates unanimously passed a resolution naming two of the three Presidents scholarship after two female past presidents – Mrs. Fay E. Saunders, C.D., and the late Mrs. Ellorine Walker, O.D.

JTA Scholarships Honorees

Mrs. Ellorine Walker is also a distinguished Past President of the JTA.  She was one of the founding members of the Association and served as Chairman of a number of the Standing Committees of the Association.  She was also a Trustee.  She was part of the officer corp of the Association at the time when the organization, Teachers for a Democratic JTA was formed.  She, among others led the charge in beating back the divisive element that had threatened to disrupt the unity within the Association.

The JTA is administered by a group of elected officers and a professional staff. The elected group is headed by the Presidents, i.e. President, President-Elect and Immediate Past President. The other elected officers represent Parish and District Associations. The District Association (DA) is the level at which all teachers have the opportunity to participate in policy formation and programmes of the association. There are seventy-six District Associations and fourteen Parish Associations.

Application forms for the JTA Scholarships are available at the association’s Head Office at Jamaica Teachers’ Association, 97B Church Street, Kingston, 876.922.1385-7 or any of the regional offices located at:

South East Regional Office

97B Church Street
Kingston, Kingston
(876) 922-1385
(876) 922-3257

South Central Regional Office

5 1/2 Caledonia Road
Mandeville, Manchester
(876) 962-2507
(876) 961-4691


North East Regional Office

6 Stennett Street
Port Maria, St. Mary
(876) 994-9525
(876) 994-9525

Western Regional Office

Lot 3, Straddle Drive, Units 6 & 7 Summit Business Center
Fairview, Bogue
Montego Bay, St. James
(876) 979-8362
(876) 953-6132


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