Karen Peart Memorial Scholarship

Karen Peart Memorial ScholarshipKaren Peart Memorial Scholarship Foundation Trust

The annual Karen Peart Memorial Scholarship program offered by the Karen Peart Memorial Scholarship Foundation Trust is now accepting applications from qualified students residing in Jamaica. 

The trustees of the Karen Peart Memorial Scholarship Foundation Trust (KPMSFT) aka Karen Peart Trust (KPT) are totally committed to its educational development goals. With the generous help of many friends, family members and associates, the Karen Peart Memorial Scholarship Fund has increased each year and provided assistance to more young students.

To date, over 50 students have received scholarships and are now either gainfully employed  or further along in their academic careers. Over the years the KPMSFT has also benefited from well supported fund-raising activities and events. These events included but not limited to dinners and concerts. With confidence and perseverance, through the grace of God, it will continue to grow and expand its educational mission in Jamaica.

Apply for the Karen Peart Memorial Scholarship

Application forms for the Karen Peart memorial Scholarship  will assist you in completing your application process. The referral form is available by clicking the: Karen Peart Memorial Scholarship Referral Form

Application and referral forms are now available:

  1. ONLINE at www.KarenPeartTrust.com
  2. From the Moravian Church Office (928-1861)
  3. From the Department of Education Missions and Youth (DEMY), (961-3709 / 961 5717)
  4. From Moravian Ministers

Completed applications should be submitted electronically to lucprt@yahoo.com  or mailed to


The Karen Peart Memorial, Scholarship Foundation Trust, P.O. Box 6677, Mandeville P. O., Manchester

(Closing Date for 2016 applications is June 30, 2016.)

Commendations and Request

The Foundation and the Moravian Church express thanks to all who have continued to contribute to the growth of the Scholarship Fund.  Look out for the grand 20th Anniversary Memorial fundraiser on June 11 and 12, 2016.

The History of the KPMSFT

The Karen Peart Memorial Scholarship Foundation Trust was conceptualized in 1994 and founded in 1996. The KPMSFT was founded to provide financial assistance to young Moravians in Jamaica who are pursuing their academic goals.  The Foundation is in memory of Karen Rosalind Yolonda Peart, who is the first daughter of the Reverend Justin Leonard Peart, ardent advocate for young people (died 2007) and his wife Lucinda Beverly Peart, retired principal of Bethlehem Moravian College.

Karen succumbed to scleroderma, in 1994, weeks short of her 28th birthday. The original Trust funds were generated from the contributions received at the two homegoing services held for her. This has been augmented by the monetary gifts to her father from his clergy protégés, at a Recognition Service in 1988 and more recently by a special offering collected at his homegoing service.

Complementing these special contributions are ongoing fundraisers and donations from friends, family, associates and others who are convinced of the importance of facilitating educational opportunities for Jamaican students. The launch of the Foundation was at Karen’s alma mater, Immaculate Conception High School in the event of a formal dinner.

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