Mico University Guilds Grant

The Mico University College Guild’s Grant

The Mico University Welfare Committee; The Office of the Vice Presidents is pleased to announce the Mico University Guilds Grant for the academic year 2016-2017, valued at J$30,000 per student.

The Mico Guild’s Grant 2016-2017 is now open for qualified applications. The Grant deadline is November 11, 2016. Application forms for the Mico Guild’s Grant can be collected at the Mico University College office of Alumni and Development or the office of the Vice President.

Applications were open Friday, October 28, 2016 and forms are available at the office Alumni and the office of the Vice President.

Mico University Guilds Grant Criteria for application

  • Completed application form and two references (academic and character)
  • Official transcript and progress report (2nd – 4th year)
  • Be in need of financial assistance
  • Have achieved at least a B (GPA 3.0) in the previous academic year (2nd – 4th year)

The Mico University Guilds Grants will be allocated to both day and evening students. Additionally, first year students are eligible for application.

About the Mico University Financial Aid Programs

Although students register for classes through the Registrar’s Office, you are eligibility to register for courses are affected by your financial standing. All students registered at The Mico University College have a financial obligation and must satisfy this obligation to be able to attend classes, use facilities and participate in activities.

A student is responsible for his/her tuition and other fees upon registration. If the student is on scholarship or his/her fees are being paid by a third party, the student is responsible to ensure that these funds are paid over to The Mico University College.

Each successful applicant is required to pay at least 50% of the fees for the first semester, by the last working day in July, and the other 50% by the first day of registration. The dates for registration for Semester II and III will be posted on the Campus notice boards.

The Mico University College participates in several programmes designed to assist students in the paying of their fees. These include JAMVAT, NYS and Students’ Loan Bureau. Scholarships are also available for qualified students. Information on scholarships can be found in the Student Services section of the Handbook.

Mico University Guilds Grant

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