UTECH Scholarships

UTech Scholarships and Bursaries

The 2017 UTech Scholarships and Bursaries  UTech Scholarships are monetary awards, based on academic merit and other special criteria, which do not have to be repaid. Scholarships and Bursaries are awarded annually mainly to full-time Jamaican nationals studying at the undergraduate and … Continue reading
2017 UWI Scholarships and Bursaries

2017 UWI Scholarships & Bursaries

Annual 2017 UWI Scholarships and Bursaries Academic Year (2017/2018) The annual University of West Indies - 2017 UWI scholarships and bursaries  programmes includes some of Jamaica's most prestigious and valuable scholarship opportunities offered by some leading local companies, … Continue reading
UWI Undergraduate

UWI Undergraduate Scholarship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About UWI Undergraduate Study Students preparing to apply for the UWI Undergraduate Scholarship Programme UWI Undergraduate Financial Aid and Scholarships Does UWI offer scholarships or financial assistance to undergraduate students? Yes! The UWI Open … Continue reading