Scholarship Donor Equity

scholarship donor equity buttonWhat is Scholarship Donor Equity?

Scholarship donor equity is the value that the scholarship award will give students to develop over-time through improvement in knowledge and/or skilled based. The donor’s equity will mature when the said student becomes a knowledgeable employee, opinion leader or the innovator with the sector.

Scholarship donor equity comes from scholarship donations. This is the most effective low cost strategy to create and maintain a high awareness in the minds of customers and the wider population (for a brand). Some of the proven scholarship donor equity benefits are listed as follows:

  • Tax deductible: when you donate scholarships or grants, the GOJ allows a charitable donation deduction on your tax returns within the same year;
  • Donors help increase the expectations of young Jamaicans who are at high risk for dropping out of school due to lack of funding;
  • You will give families (your customers and potential customers) hope and empowerment;
  • All recipients and the schools they attend will be made aware that your company is responsible for their scholarships;
  • Long-term advertisement and promotion when your company or a product name is associated with the scholarship;
  • Major endorsements from opinion leaders in the finance and education system;
  • Recognition as a corporate citizen and as a contributor to the increase literacy levels;

Why donate to ScholarshipJamaica’s Scholarship Fund?

As a scholarship equity donor, we can create the perfect scholarship or Tuition Assistance Program for you.

If donations are made to (SJ) or Next Move Jamaica (NMJ) Scholarship’s fund, 97.5% of the donation value will be administered as scholarships. Through this process, some of your scholarship donor equity are guaranteed through:

  • Island wide promotion,
  • Endorsements from major opinion leaders,
  • Media coverage on all major local television, radio and print media.
  • Additionally, students and parents will associate your brand with the donation; you will be recognized as one of NMJ’s prestigious Donor and receive the prestigious and widely recognized annual Next Move Jamaica’s Corporate Citizenship Awards plaque at our annual scholarship awards ceremony.
  • All advertising a promotion by ScholarshipJamaica during this time is of no additional cost to you the donor.

ScholarshipJamaica advertising experts will tie the advertising objectives of your company to be in the foremost minds of scholarship recipients and customers. We are able to strategically align the scholarship promotions, requirements and awards to a specific group of people if required as we recognized the importance of building awareness and making a profit so that more funds can be available for future donations.

Go ahead, use our scholarship experts as your corporate citizenship arm, it is our strengths; we will help you fulfill your organizational goals.

Every Dollar Helps!

Whether you are considering a small one-time donation or are considering becoming a regular donor, every dollar donated to a scholarship fund, student or a school’s scholarship program will go towards helping a low income student or an exceptional student gain hope for the future.

Scholarship donation empowers a national’s wealth of knowledge, literacy level, builds self-esteem, motivates and also creates positive learning and reasoning environments.

-Chris A. Grant, CEO