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IUC Scholarships

IUC Scholarships

IUC scholarships are easy to win! The International University of the Caribbean has pledged to deliver affordable, accredited, tertiary education, to people who have the desire to empower themselves to meet the demands of a competitive global employment environment.

Types of IUC Scholarships

IUC currently offers two(2) main types of IUC scholarships to its student population, however, we will present other open IUC scholarship opportunities as they arise.

  • Tertiary Tracks IUC Scholarships – Awardees are chosen based on their defined financial need, history of involvement in community work and their display of potential to be effective role models in their respective communities. Selection is based on the University’s geographic structure. Tertiary Tracks is a full IUC scholarship.  Please call the IUC’s financial aid office for application process guidelines and information.
  • First Step IUC Scholarships – Primarily aimed at the IUC’s day programme for persons who are entering tertiary education for the first time. The IUC scholarship (part-scholarship) covers $70,000 of the first years tuition of the student. To apply students need to highlight their financial need, and the First step scholarship committee will choose successful candidates based on pre-set criteria. For further information please contact the CCSS department.

Other IUC Scholarship Opportunities

Student Loan Bureau

The IUC currently has a wide selection of programmes that can be financed by Student loan Bureau. Some of the courses include Business Administration, Community Development, Guidance and Counseling, Education, General Studies, Theology, Psychology and all Postgraduate courses. New courses are added on a regular basis so please call CCSS to see if your preferred course of study is covered by Student Loan Bureau.

Work placement programs

The University currently has a vibrant work programme, where students can seek work placement in jobs within the University, or seek employment with one of the private international part time work programs that the University facilitates.

Private Education Loans

Although you may not be able to win an IUC scholarship, don’t worry, it’s not over! There are a number of private institutions that are currently offering Education lo to IUC students, we have listed below the ones the IUC consider to be most attractive in terms of interest rates and repayment periods.



For more information please contact Nicola Barrett, the IUC Staff Associate at 754-7869!


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