CMI Scholarships

CMI Scholarships

CMI Scholarships winners: Caribbean Maritime Institute students Odane Allison (2nd left) and Shanesha Simpson are flanked by CMI Principal Dr Fritz Pinnock (left), and Caribbean Shipping Association President David Jean Marie as they show off their scholarship award contracts. Occasion was the presentation ceremony for the CSA Monica Silvera Awards on Monday at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston. Eight final-year students of the CMI were presented with scholarships valued at $2.4 million to cover their tuition costs.

CMI Scholarships from the Caribbean Maritime Institute

CMI scholarships of the Caribbean Maritime Institute was established in 1980 as the Jamaica Maritime Training Institute (JMTI), the result of the collaborative effort of the Government of Jamaica and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway (NORAD). The aim of the school at the time was to train Jamaican nationals to mann the Jamaica Merchant Marine (JMM) fleet of five ships.

CMI offers various CMI scholarships and financial aid opportunities for its students as they embark on their programme of studies. CMI advises that whatever you learn, hear, or experience at the CMI campus you should share with your fellow students. Do not seek to be the only one to get A’s. At the Caribbean Maritime Institute. A’s are not in short supply.

CMI Scholarships Opportunity

CMI scholarships are unique and are getting scarce. We have sweep the internet and local scholarship offices to identify these university scholarships and grants just for you. Unfortunately, the CMI website doesn’t offer open scholarships, therefore here are the ones that are available for your immediate application.

 CMI Financial Assistance Programmes

CMI scholarships and education financing assistance programs are supported by the government of Jamaica, individual donors and both local and international agencies. To obtain the available opportunities that these agencies offer, please contact the financial aid officer on campus to get specific details. Our recommendation is to conduct a thorough research online on the previously mentioned options before approaching the school. 

The CMI recommended available alternative sources of funding for students who are experiencing difficulty in funding their education are listed below:



CMI Scholarships and Bursaries
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CMI Scholarships and Bursaries
CMI Scholarships and bursaries from the Caribbean Maritime Institute are now available for qualified new and enrolled students to apply.