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company scholarship partnershipWhat We Do For Your Company

ScholarshipJamaica.com’s custom scholarship management solutions help you make the biggest impact in your company workforce and community.

Our scholarship management services give you more than just a form. Company-sponsored education assistance programs can help bring higher education to students around the world. But implementing a program on your own can be difficult.

ScholarshipJamaica.com provides trusted expertise, proven program impact, and a 98% service satisfaction rate to more than 180 partner providers (who offer more than 360 local scholarship programs). Our partners include organizations of all sizes: local and international conglomerates, individuals in the Jamaica diaspora, as well as foundations, associations, non-profits and sports and entertainment individuals.

ScholarshipJamaica.com designs custom education assistance, scholarship, education funding solutions and tuition assistance programs that:

  • Meet employee recruitment and retention objectives
  • Create college¬†enrollment interest and retention
  • Create a skilled workforce pipeline
  • Align consumer-facing CSR goals or philanthropic objectives In addition to our education assistance programs, ScholarshipJamaica.com works with companies on a wide array of unique partnerships.
  • If your company is interested in creating a cause-marketing connection, a policy partnership or a wide-ranging education solution in your community, we would love to work together.
  • Every step of the way — from program design to customer service to disbursement — you can rely on our decade of experience and expertise. Visit our scholarship and tuition management site or get in touch with one of our education assistance experts to learn more.