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Jamaica scholarships are unique and easily located due mostly to the limited search criteria. Additionally, Jamaica scholarships are also some of the most demanded financial aid opportunities by students, which in return has become the fastest growing incentive offered by universities, companies, foundations and GOJ ministries.

There are several Jamaica scholarships that are offered by the Government of Jamaica as well as private sector organizations both locally and internationally. Below is a listing of available scholarships and links to the different sites to download Jamaica scholarship information additional to our resources.

Local Jamaica Scholarships

  • Next Move Jamaica – National Scholarship Digest: The largest Jamaica scholarships digest with over 3000 valid scholarships valued in-excess of JM$4.1billion available to secondary and tertiary students, along with Jamaica scholarships tips and strategies.

  • Rio Tinto Alcan Legacy Scholarships: This year, according to the JIS, many deserving students received scholarships from the Rio Tinto Alcan Legacy scholarship fund. Some 164 agriculture students have received scholarships valued at $9.4 million through the Rio Tinto Alcan Legacy Fund. Apply here

  • Jamaica Gleaner Scholarships-To-Go: A comprehensive list of Jamaica scholarships available to Jamaican students for secondary and tertiary study island wide.

  • Ministry of Education Tertiary Scholarships: Jamaica scholarships and awards that are administered by the Tertiary Unit of the Ministry of Education for each academic year. The Awards are offered to Jamaican Teachers/Students desirous of pursuing higher education.

  • Ministry of Finance Scholarships, Training & Assistance Unit: This agency manages the GOJ Civil Service Training  Programme and acts as Point of Contact for the various Jamaica scholarship donor Agencies and Countries offering technical assistance to the Government under bilateral and multilateral agreements. The Scholarships unit is responsible for disseminating scholarship, information on training and study opportunities as they become available.

  • Scotia Jamaica Foundation Scholarships: Each year the Foundation contributes millions of dollars in Jamaica scholarships and bursaries to individual students in need of financial assistance or who excel in academic performance.

  • Pocket Rocket Foundation Scholarships: The Jamaica scholarship offered by the Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s  Pocket Rocket Foundation will be open to all high school students from 2nd form (Grade 8) to 6th form (Lower and upper/ Grade 12 & 13) who participate in sports and express the need for financial assistance. Continue to check this website for information on the 2015 round of scholarships. Applications are usually in March.

  • Jamaica Energy Partners Scholarships: Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) recognizes the need for academic advancement in order to foster economic development in Jamaica. The Company remains committed to assist in laying the building blocks for academic success in the parish of St. Catherine, in which it operates. Continue to check this website for information on the 2015 round of Jamaica scholarships. Applications are usually in June annually.

  • Jamaica National Annual University Scholarship: 15 Jamaica scholarships are awarded to students in specific areas of studies, who have completed at least one year of studies at The University of the West Indies, University of Technology and Northern Caribbean University. These Jamaica scholarships are tenable for one year. Students, who are required to be members of the Jamaica National Building Society, are requested to apply for these scholarships through the scholarship office at their university.

  • ISA Endowment Fund: Applications are being invited from interested persons wishing to pursue graduate or post-doctoral studies in marine research activities. Successful candidates will be required to sign a bond to return to work in Jamaica for at least five (5) years to contribute to economic and social development . Applications are ongoing.

  • The UWI Development and Endowment Fund: These scholarships have been financed by contributions from annual donors.  The UWI Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) is the major fundraising arm of the UWI Mona campus and provides stewardship for funds raised through major capital campaigns and projects, general endowment and planned giving.   Since its incorporation in 1990, UWIDEF has implemented numerous projects including grants and scholarships for both undergraduate studies and post graduate research, and establishment of various facilities for students.  

  • The Student Loan Bureau:The Student Loan Bureau offers annual scholarships to qualified student applicants. Once a beneficiary receives a scholarship whether prior to or after having been approved for tuition funding from the SLB, he/she is required to inform the Student Loan Bureau of the scholarship in writing requesting a waiver. A copy of the scholarship offer letter must also be submitted. 

  • The Grace Scholarship Fund was founded in 2013 to provide academic scholarships, service opportunities and leadership experiences for young Jamaican students of outstanding promise.  The fund provides scholarship awardees with the financial assistance to help them attend some of the finest colleges & universities both domestically and abroad.  Our hope is that recipients will go on to achieve exemplary success in the classrooms and in their chosen fields of expertise and make Jamaica proud.


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Jamaica Scholarships
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