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Need based scholarships in the Jamaica are based on the student and family’s financial record and proof of financial need that require applicants to fill out a  household income/expense form from some need based scholarship requirements, to be deemed qualified for the scholarship award.

The true Cost of Attendance (COA) is often different than the sticker price. Most students have expenses beyond tuition, including room and board, books, and other costs. Before turning to student loans, students with financial need can look for scholarships to help close the gap between their EFC and COA. Our Scholarship Directory for need-based scholarships is a great place to start.

Need-based scholarships are exactly what it says, scholarships based on need, especially proven financial need. If you can demonstrate your financial need to someone other than the Government, you can get a need-based scholarship. Most often, your academic records and student financial status will alert the proper channels when a need based scholarship should be awarded. 

Sometimes, private companies and organizations see some and offer need based scholarships to lower-middle class families whose Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) may be too high to qualify for SLB, but not enough to pay for the actual college education. Also, always check the specific college’s Financial Aid office when looking for a need based scholarship.

Best Need Based Scholarships in Jamaica

Jamaica Labour Market Information System: This is a list of scholarships and bursaries for studies in Jamaica and overseas through different government agencies and corporate companies in Jamaica. These scholarships are offered annually, however the deadlines have passed.

We recommend that you view the listings and their requirements, start your preparation early in order to submit your application for the next school year.

Click here⇒ to view the current list.

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