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Company Sponsored Scholarships and Bursaries

Company sponsored scholarships and bursaries is only a classification based on sources, the different types of scholarships, grants, bursaries and financial aid⇒ that are available throughout the island. At ScholarshipJamaica, we present and use the phrase company sponsored to indicate the various local and international companies that are offering free education financing opportunities for students like you.

There are so many local and international companies that believe in investing in education by offering annual company sponsored scholarships and bursaries. So much so, in fact, that they have dedicated foundations and departments to sponsor scholarships for students⇒. These organizations offer great scholarship opportunities for high school, and college students to win money to help pay for their dream school. We have compiled a list of company sponsored scholarships to help you in your search for free college and university money.

See other company scholarships and grants program from some of the leading companies in Jamaica here⇒!

Do you need extra money to help pay for college? You have probably already considered going to a number of the local banks to help pay for your educational expenses. But, you don’t necessarily need to get a student loan. Bank company sponsored scholarships are a great way to help pay for college, university or grad school. You must note that many of these banks offer these opportunities through their foundations as listed below. Search our list of bank sponsored scholarships below:

Are you Company Sponsored?

Are you looking for political results? Searching through this list of GOJ Ministry’s scholarship offers may present the best political landmark on offer. After all, you voted for – of all things – a FREE education system.

Get yours!

There are over 54 operating law firms in Jamaica. It’s one of the most stable, lasting and faster growing industry in Jamaica. These firms need honor-roll students like you. To do this, they present the following scholarship help to you.

Media & Communication

Many college students will major in Media and Communications until they figure out what they really want to do. Others will know that this is their niché and will pursue general or specialized courses of studies. For this we present the best company sponsored awards in this field from generous donors.

Retail Conglomerates

 Are you feeling hungry for some scholarship and bursary money? You may now realized that some of your favorite products at the supermarket can allow you to win scholarship money for your education financing prowls. Search our company sponsored scholarship directory for these opportunities.

Engineering Company Sponsored

Sometimes searching for scholarships may seam like a mechanical engineering fete! It doesn’t have to be like this. Engineering company sponsored scholarships are available for all major engineering programs in Jamaica. We recommend searching this list of company sponsored scholarships to win your share. Apply for a Scholarship NOW!

Food & Beverage Company

Some of your favorite food and beverage companies are sources of major money for college! Check out this list of company sponsored scholarships offered by local food and beverage companies for the chance to sink your teeth into some major awards.


If looking for ways to pay for your education is giving you social issues, we would recommend searching this list of not-for-profit company sponsored scholarships. After all, free money for your tuition is just what the doctor ordered!

Other Company Sponsored Opportunities 

Diverse local and international organizations offer company sponsored scholarships to help students pay for university and graduate school. For the chance to win your piece-of-the-pie, check out our scholarship directory for more company sponsored awards.

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