Ministry of Finance Scholarships

Ministry of Finance scholarships are now open

Ministry of Finance Scholarships are available to Jamaican students from bilateral agreement with Jamaica’s friendly countries and agencies.

Ministry Of Finance Scholarships

The Ministry of Finance Scholarships are administered by the Scholarship and Assistance Unit at the Ministry’s office at 30 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4, Jamaica.

The Ministry of Finance Scholarships and Assistance Unit, Public Service Establishment Division, manages ALL Government of Jamaica (GOJ) Civil Service Training  Programme and acts as Point of Contact for the various scholarship donor Agencies and Countries offering technical assistance to the Government under bilateral and multilateral agreements.

In this regard, this office is responsible for disseminating information on training and study opportunities as they become available. For all the courses, unless otherwise stated, application forms are available at this office.

Ministry Of Finance Scholarship Directory

Common Wealth Scholarships Tenable in New Zealand

Applications are invited for Commonwealth Scholarships tenable at Universities in New Zealand for a period of    two (2) years (Master’s) or three (3) years (PhD). February 2016: Deadline is April 8, at 3PM. Scholarships’ will be awarded in those areas in line with the country’s Human Resources Development needs and training priorities as outlined in the National Strategic Development Plan (vision 2030) and Human Resources Planning Framework. Five (5) years Bonding requirement!

ISA Endowment Fund (International Seaboard Authority)

Ministry of Finance scholarship Applications are being invited from interested persons wishing to pursue graduate or post-doctoral studies in marine research activities. Assistance may be sought by qualified scientists and technical personnel from developing countries to: 

a) Participate in marine scientific research programmes or scientific co-operation;

b) Enroll in training programmes; or

c) Qualify for technical assistance. Applications should be submitted by developing country members of the International Seabed Authority.

Applications may be accepted from other countries if the application demonstrates that it will benefit scientists from developing countries.

Cuba/Jamaica Bilateral Scholarship – Seven (7) available awards

The Government of Cuba invites applications from interested persons wishing to pursue Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies in Cuba under the bilateral Scholarship programme commencing September 2015. The Ministry of Finance scholarships program offers Undergraduate ( Four {4} Medicine, One {1} Speech Therapy-Audiology ) | Postgraduate ( Two (2) Internal Medicine or Pediatrics). Deadline is March 27 @ 3pm.

Undergraduate Programmes in Cuba

Ministry of Finance Scholarship Opportunities for study in Cuba at the B.Sc. degree level are available as under: Cuba/Jamaica Bilateral Programme; Cuba/CARICOM Scholarship Programme. The Government of Cuba offers scholarship opportunities at the undergraduate level in the field of: Accounting, Agronomy, Architecture, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Economics, Education, Engineering, Languages, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Education, Psychology.

Knowledge of Spanish would be an asset. Fields of study may differ from year to year; Candidates should be between 18 and 25 years old at the time of applying. The course of study lasts four to seven years with the first year dedicated to the study of Spanish.

Postgraduate Programmes in Commonwealth, Japan, Mexico, and India

Under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Programme, opportunities for postgraduate studies are made available on an annual basis to persons interested in pursuing studies at the Masters or Doctoral levels in the countries listed above. Programmes are advertised as they become available as under:

New Zealand – advertised in February each year with a deadline in March

UK – advertised in July/August each year with a deadline in September

Mexico – The Government of Mexico offers opportunities for study at the postgraduate level in Mexico. Preference is given to persons who have attained a level of fluency in Spanish and who have been accepted to a University in Mexico. These awards are advertised when they become available and are fully funded by the Government of Mexico. 

India – Masters in Human Resources Planning and Development; Diploma in Human Resource Management; Masters in Public Management and Policy; Masters in M.Tech. Water Resources Development; Post Graduate Diploma in Irrigation Water Management; Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Candidates have the option of selecting their areas of study. While there is no upper age limit candidates should have obtained their first degree in the last five years. Instructions unique to individual countries are usually issued with the application form or published in the media advertisements.

Programmes in the OAS, China, and Russia

Applications are invited from interested persons wishing to pursue studies leading to a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degree in any of the following countries commencing January 2017 through to December 2017: Caribbean countries (except Jamaica), Latin American Countries, USA and Canada.

Through the Ministry of Finance scholarship unit, the Organisation of American States offers study opportunities at the undergraduate and post- graduate levels in OAS member countries including USA, Canada, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean except the applicant’s home country.

Scholarships are offered in the following areas: * Education * Finance * Management * Environmental Studies *Information Technology *Agriculture. Scholarships are not given for Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine or any other designated clinical areas.

The OAS Scholarship Application form is an electronic form which must be completed online and submitted to OAS database:

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Ministry Of Finance Scholarships
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Ministry Of Finance Scholarships
Ministry of Finance Scholarships are available to Jamaican students from bilateral agreement with Jamaica's friendly countries and agencies.
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