Applications for The Marcus Garvey Public Sector Scholarship 2022-2023 Now Open

Public sector workers are invited to apply for the Marcus Garvey graduate Scholarships program, its valued at $1b & closes March 31 2022.
Public sector workers are invited to apply for the Marcus Garvey graduate Scholarships program, its valued at $1b & closes March 31 2022.

The Marcus Garvey Graduate Scholarships Benefits

The Marcus Garvey graduate scholarships will cover 100% of tuition costs for the eligible programmes at the participating universities. Scholarship awardees will be provided with a stipend to cover reasonable monthly costs for living expenses including meals and accommodation.

These will be standard rates determined by the Technical Secretariat and subject to revision on an annual basis. For the Marcus Garvey Public Sector scholarships tenable at overseas universities, the programme will provide the scholarship awardee with transportation, including airfare, from Jamaica to the university and on completion of studies, from the university to Jamaica.

The Scholarship Programme will not cover the costs of spouses or other family members. See the official scholarship website to submit applications here.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

How do you know if you qualify for the Marcus Garvey Graduate Scholarship?

The Marcus Garvey graduate scholarships are merit-based and the broad selection criteria include academic excellence, job performance, leadership potential, public spiritedness and character. The Selection Committee will aim to select persons who are likely to make a meaningful contribution to Jamaica’s development with the knowledge and skills gained through the scholarship programme.

The Public Sector Graduate Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship applicants must be a Jamaican national/citizen. He or she must be a public sector employee whether permanently appointed, temporary or on contract with at least 2 years’ continuous service.

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university to a sufficiently high standard to be admitted to graduate studies in the participating universities. He or she must be under 45 years old at the time of application.



Supporting Documentation

A scholarship application will be considered complete when it consists of the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Curriculum vitae/resume
  • Academic transcript(s) for the highest academic degree completed
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation. Two of which must be from Public Sector Officers who can attest to your professional pursuits and potential. The third can speak to your character and/or extra-curricular pursuits.

Essay Criteria

A personal statement that tells your story, and allows you to share with the Selection Committee, your general interests, passion and inspiration.

A statement indicating how your chosen area of study will contribute to the development needs of Jamaica.

A statement indicating your academic and professional 5-year plan post studies, and how you will apply your new knowledge to meeting your goals.

Proposed Programme of Study from among those available for funding by the Scholarship Programme. Candidates are encouraged to also indicate an alternate course of study from among those available.

Photograph (this will not be available to members of the Selection Committee, but will be used on the website and other publications if awarded a scholarship)

Application Process for the Marcus Garvey Graduate Scholarships

How do You Apply?

The selection for a Marcus Garvey graduate scholarship will be a three-tiered process. Candidates will submit applications online with all supporting documents. Shortlisting of eligible applications, based on meeting the minimum educational and professional achievement requirements, will be conducted by the Technical Secretariat.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview with the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will then select the scholarship awardees on condition that they are successful in gaining acceptance to the respective programme applied for. Scholarship awardees apply to an eligible programme in a participating university.

The scholarship is then confirmed on the acceptance by the participating university of the application by the prospective scholarship awardee. Public sector employees who have already been accepted into an eligible programme in a participating university may also apply for the scholarship.  

If a scholarship awardee does not gain acceptance into an eligible programme in a participating university in the year of the scholarship award, the award will lapse.

The Marcus Garvey graduate scholarships Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is chaired by His Excellency, the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Linton Allen, ON, GCMG, CD, KSt.J, Governor-General of Jamaica. Other invited members of the Selection Committee are:

Ambassador Douglas Saunders, Cabinet Secretary, Office of the Cabinet

Mrs. Jacqueline Mendez, JP, Chief Personnel Officer, Office of the Services Commission

Miss Darlene Morrison, Financial Secretary, Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

Dr. Wayne Henry, JP, Director General, Planning Institute of Jamaica

Professor Stephen Vasciannie, Professor of International Law, University of the West Indies

Ms. Saffrey Brown, Chair, Council of Voluntary Social Services

Dr. Diana Thorburn, Director of Research, Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI)​

The Committee will be responsible for among other things, the evaluating applications of shortlisted candidates, interviewing shortlisted candidates and the selecting scholarship awardees.

About the Marcus Garvey Public Sector Graduate Scholarships

The Marcus Garvey Public Sector Graduate Scholarship was established in 2020. It was established by the Government of Jamaica to offer Jamaican nationals and citizens employed in the public sector, the opportunity to obtain a postgraduate degree. This postgraduate degree will be from competitive and appropriately accredited universities in Jamaica, North America and Europe.

The Marcus Garvey Public Sector Graduate Scholarship recipients pursue graduate studies in programmes of study that align with Jamaica’s national priorities and strategic objectives.

Participating University Universities and Programmes of Study

Scholarship recipients will be attending an institution and enrolled in a programme that is highly ranked and offers cutting edge training. Eligible programmes of study are:

Scholarship deadline

The Marcus Garvey Public Sector Scholarships application process for the 2022/23 academic year opens February 21 – March 31, 2022. Scholarship applicants must ensure all required documents, including references, are submitted by the deadline.

Bonding Policy

Marcus Garvey Graduate Scholarships awardees will be required to return to work within the public sector for a period of five (5) years upon completion of their studies. This is in keeping with the official Bonding Policy of the Government of Jamaica. Failure to complete the stipulated period of service will be treated in accordance with the Forfeiture Clause of the Bonding Policy.

Contact Scholarships and Assistance Unit:

The Technical Secretariat
Scholarships and Assistance Unit
Strategic Human Resource Management Division
30 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 876-932-5015/5009

Ministry of Finance's Marcus Garvey Public Sector  Graduate Scholarships Programme
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Ministry of Finance's Marcus Garvey Public Sector Graduate Scholarships Programme
Public sector workers are invited to apply for the Government of Jamaica's Marcus Garvey Postgraduate Scholarship program to study in Jamaica, USA or the UK. The scholarship programme is valued at $1billion and opens February 21 to March 31, 2022.
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