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ScholarshipJamaica at the official launch of the National Scholarship Digest with then Minister of Education Ronnie Thwaites and Musson Chairman PB. Scott (with Sharon Donaldson – left,  Melanie Subratie Musson Deputy Chairman – second left and UWI Scholarship recipients.

About ScholarshipJamaica

What is special about ScholarshipJamaica, you may ask. Scholarshipjamaica is the official scholarship platform from Next Move Jamaica Limited – the Caribbean regions first and largest scholarship and education financing consultancy for the last ten (10) years – Join ScholarshipJamaica Newsletter today to get up-to-date scholarship information and learn more about ScholarshipJamaica.

Since March 2010, we have excelled in providing Jamaican students with the resources to realize their educational pursuits, from the time they begin their university and college search in high school, to the day they land their first job after graduation or the first moment they review our about ScholarshipJamaica welcome page.

How do I learn about ScholarshipJamaica work?

ScholarshipJamaica student visitors are matched to relevant scholarship opportunities completely free of charge. With roughly eight thousand (8000) scholarships worth more than JM$5.1 billion, there are scholarships and grants for every Jamaican and Caribbean national student’s educational goals, activities and interests. 

Additionally, learn about ScholarshipJamaica membership, which afford you the ability to depend on us for insider financial aid tips, advice on high school and college life, comprehensive list of best scholarship donors in Jamaica, our National Scholarship Digest (NSD), as well as job and internship matches in their area.

Our success stems from our commitment to empower students’ lives through information and innovation, creating an environment in which the Jamaican scholarship and financial aid industry is better defined and more attainable.

Our Mission

To empower Jamaican and Caribbean National students to improve their lives through alternative education financing opportunities.

Our Purpose

The purpose of ScholarshipJamaica is to see all local students gain access to alternative education financing through scholarships, bursaries, education awards and grants.

We want the average student whether living in Kingston, St. Thomas or St. James to learn about the benefits of scholarships, where they are available, who offers these scholarships and most of all how to win a scholarship. 

This is just one part of the big circle about ScholarshipJamaica!

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about scholarshipjamaica

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About ScholarshipJamaica
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About ScholarshipJamaica
ScholarshipJamaica is your go-to scholarship success. Get matched to scholarships and learn unique solutions to win scholarships in Jamaica!
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