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study in south americaHow to Study in South America

As a Jamaican we then to have an innate broad horizon of the world we live in and a growing interest as students to study abroad especially North and South America at the Master’s level through scholarship opportunities. If you are one of the growing number of local students interested to study in South America, we have good news for you.

It has never being easier for local students like you to study in South America. if you are on this page, know that you are in the perfect place to obtained genuine scholarship and fellowship opportunities to study abroad with specific emphasis on programs for you to study in South America.

Broaden your horizons and explore a new culture with one of the Ministry of Finance’s study in South America programs. The available programs are currently with universities in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile or Mexico.

So much more than just visiting a far-off place, the Ministry’s leading study abroad programs help you grow into a global citizen as you gain valuable experience and build essential skills for life after college.

Major Universities Associated with Study in South America

Many international students find themselves at Pontifical Catholic Universities like PUC-Rio in Rio de Janeiro or PUCRS in Porto Alegro, Brazil; PUCE in Quito; PUC in Santiago or PUCV in Valparaiso, Chile and PUCP Peru among others. Study abroad programs vary but many involve a combination of classes directly enrolled at local universities, either with local students or other international students, and other classes at study abroad centers that are catered directly to the program’s objectives.

The countries of South America offer unique and fulfilling study abroad experiences full of legitimate adventures and academic experiences that truly come to life outside the classroom. You will be exposed to diverse walks of life – different cultures, classes, social groups, religions and family units that will enhance and shape your view of the world at large.

The continent offers every kind of experience you can imagine, from cosmopolitan city life to rural villages to rainforest immersion – and there is ample opportunity to try them all during your time abroad.


It’s hard to set your sights on South America without a general interest in learning Spanish. While a handle on the basics will help you get by the first few weeks, immersion in any country in the region will do wonders for your second language.

Particularly outside the major cities you’ll find fewer people who speak English and thus more need to rely on and expand your newly acquired vocabulary. For advanced Spanish students, there is always the challenge of local slang or indigenous dialects. Programs in Brazil are rapidly becoming more popular for Portuguese learners as well.

Study in South America
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Study in South America
Find the best study in South America scholarship opportunities for Jamaican students at the Master's level through the Ministry of Finance.
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