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Jamaica National Scholarship Digest (NSD)

National Scholarship DigestJamaica National Scholarship Digest (NSD) 2013/2014, sponsored by General Accident Insurance Company is now available online for viewing or download HERE. This second annual publication was designed with the students’ need in mind. The NSD presents over 3100 scholarships valued in excess of JMD$5.25billion. The NSD has scholarships ranging from secondary to graduate studies in Jamaica, the Caribbean, North, Central and South America, Europe, China, Japan and to as far as Australia and New Zealand.

The Jamaica National Scholarship Digest accomplishes its mission by providing thoughtful listings for undergraduate, graduate and tertiary educational scholarships. These scholarships are available both locally and overseas. In particular, the NSD:

  • The Jamaica National Scholarship Digest is a 100 pages Scholarship Digest that provides a publication of the most comprehensive database of scholarship information. The NSD allows students to go to one source for scholarship information rather than spend fruitless hours hunting through countless sources of data.
  • It is comprised of a listing of over 4000 scholarships valued in excess of JM$4 billion all in one place.
  • Scholarships are listed for both undergraduate and graduate study. Fields range from law to medicine, from information technology to mass communication, from tertiary institutions in Jamaica to universities in China.
  • The scholarships are listed by universities, by course of study and by type of sponsoring institutions.
  • Listed scholarships are based on need, others are based on merit, some are based on certain restrictions while others offer generous amounts with little restrictions.
  • The Jamaica National Scholarship Digest includes scholarships from embassies and other governmental bodies (i.e. the European Union Erasmus Mundus Scholarship).
  • The NSD will be distributed as soft copies for download HERE. There will be special access to schools and libraries for students with limited internet access.

With that, good luck in your search for financial aid and, more importantly, best wishes in all your academic endeavors.

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The Jamaica National Scholarship Digest (NSD)
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The Jamaica National Scholarship Digest (NSD)
The National Scholarship Digest is Jamaica's largest digest with over 3100 scholarships valued at JM$5.25b. Download a free copy today.
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