Apply for the Jamaica House Fellowship Programme

Jamaican FellowshipThere are few Jamaican fellowship programmes that are currently active. Of these fellowship programmes we have gathered all the necessary information to guide you to a successful Jamaica House Fellowship programme that you are qualified for.

One of the many challenges of graduate school is obtaining the funding needed to pay for tuition, fees and living expenses. Fortunately, there are government agencies, institutions of higher education and other organizations that recognize the value of a graduate education, and these parties know it is in their best interest to help students afford to pursue a Masters or PhD degree through Jamaican fellowship programmes.

Through the Jamaica House Fellowship programme for graduate students, these organizations make it possible for many students to fund their graduate studies with a great deal of independence, while institutional fellowships are given by a specific university where the student is expected to conduct his or her research or earn their degree.

One of the most prestigious Jamaican Fellowship programme is the Jamaica House Fellowship Programme offered by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

What is a Jamaica House Fellowship?

While the term “fellowship” is used by a variety of different programs, generally fellowships:

  • are short-term opportunities lasting from a few months to several years
  • focus on the professional development of the fellow
  • are sponsored by a specific association or organization seeking to expand leadership in their field

The Jamaica House Fellowship programme can be designed to support a range of activities including:

  • graduate study in a specific field
  • research to advance work on a particular issue
  • developing a new community-based organization or initiative
  • training and reflection to support the fellow’s growth
  • opportunities to further explore a particular field of work

Fellowships have traditionally been awarded to graduate and post-graduate students, but there are an increasing number of fellowships available to recent college graduates in public policy, the arts, education, and other nonprofit fields.

Benefits of a Fellowship

Experiential Learning

Fellowships are structured to provide significant work experiences, and fellows are often expected to take on a great deal of responsibility quickly. Generally, fellows are provided with unique experiences that are not typically available to someone starting out in an entry-level position. This experiential learning component varies depending upon the fellowship program.

Training and Professional Development

Fellowship programs are known for their commitment to the professional development of individual fellows and often include intensive training. Key elements of this training might include:

  • academic seminars to develop frameworks and apply theory
  • in-depth research and analysis of a particular issue area
  • a broad curriculum of skills development: leadership, community organizing, public speaking, grant writing, media relation

The following are the best Jamaican fellowship programmes that are currently accepting applications from qualified applicants in Jamaica.

Apply for the Jamaica House Fellowship Programme
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Apply for the Jamaica House Fellowship Programme
Through the Jamaica House Fellowship Programme, Fellows will enjoy the unique experience of interacting with members of the Cabinet and senior officials at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and other Government Ministries, Department and Agencies.
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