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Scholarship donors recognize the fundamental influence of education on young lives and recipients appreciate the opportunities and use these opportunities to fulfill their education potential! There is no real requirement to be a scholarship donor, all you need is the funds, a purpose of your cause and we at ScholarshipJamaica will do the rest. Scholarship donors can be large or small donors, corporate companies, schools, foundations, small business or individuals.

Scholarships and bursaries are  investments in the future. Since launching, we (through Next Move Jamaica) has awarded over 75 scholarships to deserving high school and college students since 2010 thanks to the generous donations from professionals like yourself and corporate clients.

Scholarship donors awards are funded by generous corporate and individual benefactors. These benefactors include those listed here. Each donor determines the criteria for their scholarship. The scholarship donor application is a common application form for many of these funds that the Scholarship Management Team (SMT) at ScholarshipJamaica will administer.

Donate to a scholarship or create your own!

Help a deserving student go to college by becoming a scholarship donor!

  • A scholarship can be a tribute, a testament, or a torch to inspire, memorialize, commemorate or reward.
  • A scholarship is a chance.
  • A scholarship can help fund a dream.
  • A scholarship can be annually or just a one off donation
  • A scholarship donor status is exhilarating
  • A scholarship donation give meaning to “education contribution”
  • a scholarship donation is effortless, cheap and easy
  • A scholarship donor can donate as small is a book grant of J$1500

The changing landscape of Jamaica educational future depends upon you — our citizens, businesses, member associations, organizations and foundation partners to establish scholarships to meet the critical needs of our local students. Your gift as a scholarship donor is a lasting legacy for the students’ future.

We are all stakeholders in that legacy. Start a scholarship or consider contributing to an existing fund, today!

Why become Scholarship Donors?

Scholarship donors action help us to create scholarship funds for a variety of reasons, such as to honor a loved one or to benefit a specific population of students. Anyone can set up a scholarship donor fund, and there are many different approaches.

  • If you wish to start a scholarship fund for a preselected person or group of people – for example, a relative or a family – or  employees – contact our scholarship management experts to schedule an appointment. Our scholarship donor experts will guide you along the way in establishing your scholarship donor fund for your specific purpose.
  • If you wish to start a scholarship fund that can receive tax deductible donations, the TAJ has guidelines on who can and cannot receive grants, as summarized by Tax Adminitration Jamaica Charities Act⇒
  • We can establish a Service or product promotional campaign through an advance and effective scholarships and bursaries program campaign for a set cost and duration. We guarantee increase awareness and customer recognition – Advanced Scholarship Marketing (ASM).

Premier Scholarship Donors

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Scholarship Donors
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Scholarship Donors
Contact local scholarship donors near you and be the first to apply and win some of the easiest scholarships available to local students.
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