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UTECH Scholarships are offered from the second largest university campus in Jamaica – The University of Technology, Jamaica. Scholarships are monetary awards, based on academic merit and other special criteria, which do not have to be repaid. UTECH scholarships and Bursaries are awarded annually mainly to full-time and limited part-time Jamaican nationals studying at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. However, there are specific UTECH scholarships which are also available to Caribbean nationals.

A detailed UTECH scholarship listing is prepared for each academic year which provides information on all available scholarships and criteria for each student. Other UTECH scholarships opportunities are available through our scholarship digest and online ScholarshipJamaica database.

The application period for these scholarships open around the 3rd week of April each year and the closing dates are as follows (unless otherwise stated) according the the UTECH admissions department:

  • Scholarships offered to (returning) students in years 2-4 – June 30
  • Scholarships offered to (new) students in year 1 – July 31

UTECH Scholarship Opportunities

 Strategies to win UTECH Scholarships

There are many  ways to win UTECH scholarships in Jamaica. Some of the best scholarship application strategies employed to win UTECH scholarships are listed below. It is important to note that these are tried and tested strategies that we have adopted at UTECH, UWI and other local universities.

The exclusive UTECH scholarships winning strategies are:

  • Apply early: Most important strategy is to locate scholarships in Jamaica that match your needs – qualified for and apply first.
  • Go for at least five (5): Apply for a minimum of five valid scholarships. Reason being, research show that on average, applicants win two (2) in every five (5) scholarships and bursaries applied for.
  • Be informed: Keep up to date on scholarship offers on or off campus as offered through the student financial aid department (beside the track and field grounds).
  • Ask and request information: Don’t be shy or intimidated. Call, visit the website or visit the office in person and ask for information on open scholarships.
  • Read the news papers and watch the news on TV: The easiest ways to located new and existing scholarships is to locate them through the major print media such as the Jamaica-gleaner or Jamaica Observer for scholarships news. Always check out the Jamaica Observer’s Career section for scholarship awards and planned donations.
  • Search online: We all are now on the world wide web. Use it for a good purpose. Rather than browse the various social media platforms, search online through our scholarship database for the largest UTECH Scholarships opportunity.

Keep visiting our website for more scholarship winning strategies for UTECH and other students!

Procedures for UTECH Scholarship Recipients

  1. Students who are recipients of Full/Partial Scholarships will be required to report  to the Scholarship Unit in the  Financial Aid Office; with the written verification of the Scholarship and the Fee Breakdown Sheet, in order for the scholarship to be registered on the student’s account.
  2. Where the documentation of the scholarship has already been sent to the Financial Aid Office; the student need only taken in a copy of the Fee Breakdown Sheet.
  3. Scholarship recipients are required to pay all fees in excess of the amount covered by the scholarship.
  4. Scholarship recipients from any of our satellite campuses are required to take in the aforementioned documents to the Administrative Office at the respective campuses; where the Administrator of that campus will forward their documents to the Financial Aid Office at the Papine Campus for processing.
  5. Students are required to liaise with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that the Scholarship Donor pays the agreed fees.
  6. If the scholarship donors fails pay the required fees, the student is ultimately liable and will be required to pay all outstanding fees on demand.



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