Next Move Jamaica International, Inc. Foundation Scholarships

Next Move Jamaica International, Inc. scholarships are offered annually to students from the primary to undergraduate level of study in Jamaica. Applications are offered to Jamaican nationals in all field of study.
Next Move Jamaica International, Inc. scholarships are offered annually to students from the primary to undergraduate level of study in Jamaica.

Founded in 2012, Next Move Jamaica International, Inc. (NMJ International) empowers Jamaican families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education, while providing scholarships, bursaries, school supplies, resume and interview preparations and support services to as many exceptional Jamaican students as possible.

NMJ International strives to make college and university education a top priority for every Jamaican family, mobilizing our community to proactively advance that goal – each individual, in every way we can. NMJ International seeks to give its Scholars all the tools they need to do well in their course work, graduate, enter a profession, excel, help lead our nation going forward, and mentor the generations to come. 

As a New York State based registered not-for-profit organization supporting higher education in Jamaica, the Next Move Jamaica International foundation has awarded over JM$4.7million in scholarships, school supplies and provides a range of ancillary programs for students, Next Move Jamaica International Scholars, and parents. 

Next Move Jamaica International Scholarships Purpose

Next Move Jamaica International was established for the charitable purpose of aiding students of Jamaica, the Caribbean and descendants of Caribbean nations to cover the cost of education through scholarships and grants.

Their Goals

  • Build a scholarship alliance of corporate and philanthropic partners
  • Establish a nation committed to increasing student college degree attainment
  • Ensure every Jamaican household has at least one college graduate, inspiring and mentoring others in the family and community.
  • Increase scholarship funding awareness in Jamaica and other developing countries

The Foundation’s Impact

Increasing University/College Experience
  • Increased scholarship awareness in Jamaica by 65%
  • College resources delivered to 3,000 households
  • Over 2.75 million web visitors
  • 20,000+ including National Scholarship Digest (NSD) publications
Providing Scholarships and other Financial Resources
  • Over JM$5.4 Million in scholarships since 2012
  • Over 30 scholarships awarded annually
  • Over two thirds are first generation and low-income
  • Over 117 student beneficiaries since 2012

Scholarship Deadline: SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2022

NMJ International Scholarships

The following are the annual scholarships offered by Next Move Jamaica International, Inc.. Funds are raised through donations from the founders – husband and wife team of Lisa Atkins and Christopher Grant, their friends and families.

Edna Green Endowment Scholarships

Joyce Ford-Newell Scholarships (Students in St. Thomas)

Arthur Winzro Parks Law Scholarship (NEW)

Arthur Winzro Parks Jamaican Writing Scholarship

Inez M. Brown STEM Scholarship (Students in Manchester)

Una A. Robinson Real Estate Scholarship

Vashti Mills Achievement Scholarships (Students in Manchester)

Arthur Winzro Parks Nursing Scholarship

NMJ International General Scholarships

NMJI Adopt A Youth Foundation Scholarships (NEW)

Next Move Jamaica International Scholarships Resource

Scholarships is in our DNA! Everything you need to know about our scholarships and how to apply can be found here.  Please scroll down so you can become familiar with the easy-access information and online tools we have created for your convenience.

As Jamaica’s largest provider of college financial aid and education financing resources to students at all levels, NMJ International offers a diverse range of scholarships programs, including the Arthur Winzro Parks Scholarship Program.  Our aim is to provide you with the information and resources you need to achieve educational success. Irie!

  • NMJ International Latest Scholarship Projects
  • ScholarshipJamaica Scholarship Platform
  • Scholarship Forms
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eligibility Requirements

There are a number of general requirements that must be met to qualify for any scholarship awarded by or through Next Move Jamaica International.  Some specialized scholarships may also have additional requirements.

General Scholarships Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for NMJ International scholarships, each applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Must be a Jamaican, Caribbean National or of Jamaican or Caribbean heritage
  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for High School Students
  • Minimum of 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for College and Graduate Students
  • Plan to enroll Full-Time or Part-Time in an accredited 4 year university or graduate school during the scholarships cycle year
  • Must have proof of financial need
  • Present evidence of community involved volunteer work for the past year or more when applicable


  • Merit-Based scholarships available for Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Emphasis on STEM majors and creative Arts
  • All majors, faculties and graduate fields accepted
  • Scholarship awards may range from J$5000 to J$250,000 each annually

Additional Eligibility Requirements (for some scholarships)

Some additional restrictions or requirements may apply to specific scholarship programs administered by NMJ International. Please check carefully the program guidelines for each scholarship to which you plan to apply.

How to Apply

Step 1.

When you apply, all documents and forms become the property of Next Move Jamaica International. All application MUST be completed online through the link provided in each scholarship announcement.

Step 2.

Complete all aspects of the online application form. Submit the required essay or any other application requirements associated with the specific scholarship offer to successfully apply for the award. (Forms must be signed by student, parent/guardian or principal)

Step 3.

Submit completed forms via the online link by clicking the SUBMIT button along with the following:

  • One passport size picture
  • Most recent school report
  • Completed resume with listed volunteer activities
  • Proof that you are enrolled or received acceptance to enroll in school (college, university or secondary schools)

When to Apply for the NMJ International Scholarships

To apply for a scholarship by NMJ International, you need to begin your application process on the announcement day each year.

The deadline for each scholarship varies and are listed on each scholarship offer. It is a common practice to close all scholarships by August 31st of each year. However due to COVID-19 pandemic, scholarship applications this year will close SEPTEMBER 19, 2020.

Improve your chance of winning a scholarship by applying early and by seeking out the opportunities before they are open to the public by keeping in touch with the NMJ International team.

Why Apply

  • Application for a NMJ International Scholarship is FREE! and easy
  • They seek funding and receive donations just for this purpose with you in mind and their is no catch
  • NMJ International is proven as a major scholarship provider in the region by helping students win college funding. Ask the previous winners
  • Start applying for scholarships you are already qualified for. It’s up to you to apply but with NMJ International, you are never on your own.

Next Move Jamaica International, Inc. Foundation
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Next Move Jamaica International, Inc. Foundation
Next Move Jamaica International, Inc. scholarships are offered annually to students from the primary to undergraduate level of study in Jamaica. Applications are offered to Jamaican nationals in all field of study.
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