National Scholarship Desk

National Scholarship Desk

National Scholarship Desk (NSD°)

The National Scholarship Desk (NSD°, pronounced NS Degrees) is a trade marked and copy-written, planned radio programme – Jamaica’s premier and most innovative education financing programme presented in the form of a live weekly broadcast on one of Jamaica’s premier radio station morning programme. 

National Scholarship Desk is based on the idea of presenting relevant information on tuition financing for all, by highlighting scholarships, bursaries, grants, fellowships, overview of international education qualifications and low cost education loans. The main objective of this programme is to create an awareness about the various education financing opportunities that are available to students and parents (then, now and on the verge) thus establishing a new group of listeners.

The National Scholarship Desk programme content is a mixture of scholarships, other education funding sources, as well as an information gathering platform that will present past, present and future education funding strategies along with top local and international donors and the universities they often donate to. The programme will also introduce the target group to exclusive, unlimited, free enrollment education qualifications for Ivy League and other top international universities.

It will also provide information for on-campus or online studies, free online skill certification, scholarship management services and, free and low cost European studies.

A Brief Introduction to National Scholarship Desk

The National Scholarship Desk offering of scholarships and bursaries is an encouraged practice adopted by local schools, foundations, private companies and local government agencies as well as most international schools, foundations and government agencies. The continuous increase in demand for tertiary education and a resulting comparative increase in tuition fees tripled with the government’s inability to fulfill financial needs of local students; have empowered the production, relevance, demand and importance of a NSD° Programme.

As the name suggest “National Scholarship Desk (NSD°)” is a reflection of our academic version to the general demand for academic Certification in BBA, BSC, MBA or MSC qualifications that the programme was designed to assist students to attain.

The National Scholarship Desk Programme is another innovative and premier programme production by Next Move Jamaica Limited (NMJ) – the premier and leading scholarship experts, online scholarship database, publisher of the successful annual National Scholarship Digest and tuition financing consultants in Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

National Scholarship Desk Programme Objectives

The main objectives of the National Scholarship Desk programme are to:

  • Increase awareness of the various education financing opportunities that are available to Jamaicans and other Caribbean Nationals;
  • Increase listenership, ratings and advertising revenue for the station of choice;
  • Increase public knowledge of the offered scholarship management services and revenue;
  • Establish a strong and loyal following of students, parents and guardians that can share their experiences with others in search of similar opportunities.

National Scholarship Desk Commitment

Scholarship Jamaica under the Next Move Jamaica Limited umbrella, a registered limited liability company, is committed to be available via telephone or in studio for the programme schedule, present only information that have been researched, confirmed and proven through our vast tuition financing resources by our representatives and take responsibility for all disseminated information and resources through this medium, as we intend to professionally offer reliable advice and information to listeners.

Rationale and Programme Benefits

National Scholarship Desk is based on current and accurate education financing information and advice that are in high demand as shown from our research, company experience and feedback from students and responses to interviews conducted on Smile Jamaica as recent as April 24, 2012.

Other benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Programme innovation and exclusivity status
  • Accurate, current and relevant source of information on education financing
  • Paid programme segment or shared programme revenue
  • The creation and use of a specific listenership niche – student population in Jamaica
  • Great potential to increase advertising revenue
  • Low production cost and limited human resource requirements
  • Increase and maintain listenership by over 1.85million (source: Statin 2012)


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