Study in Europe for Free

study in europeHow to study in Europe for free (or at next to nothing costs!)

Did you know that as a Jamaican, Caribbean National or citizen of a non-EU country, you can study in Europe for free? Well, now you know that can! If you contact one of our Scholarship/Study Abroad Coaches, they will be able to guide you through this application process.

Many students have asked us about living and how to study in Europe. For most Caribbean nationals, we can go to Europe for 90 days with a visa, but for those wishing to stay past the 90 days, it can get complicated. There are a few other options like getting a Holiday Working Visa, which lets you live and work in certain European countries for up to a year, but what we think is the best option for anyone looking to really experience living  or to study in Europe for a few years is to study there. And it’s a lot cheaper than you think!

For one thing, tuition for public universities in most European countries costs anywhere from 0 to 500 euros a semester, even as an international student from a non EU-country! And if free tuition isn’t the best part, alcohol tends to be significantly cheaper in Europe, travelling around the continent is super easy and cheap (international partying has never been easier), and despite being free (or at really low tuition costs), Europe boosts some of the best universities in the world, like the University of Munich, the University of Vienna, and Paris-Sorbonne University.

Since none of the these universities are in English-speaking countries, the only downfall would be being able to speak in the language of the country. However there’s also lots of Masters programs taught completely in English! Plus the added bonus of studying in a non-English speaking country means that you can quickly pick up a new language during your time there, and make your resume look even more international.

For a quick look at the prices of tuition in Europe, we have made this handy list below of how to stud in Europe through the various member states and their requirements!



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