J Wray & Nephew Foundation Tertiary Scholarships Programme

JWN’s investment valued at $23,605,000 for 2023 adds to the unbroken eight-year investment in scholarship of $149, 616, 826.23 through 2,436 bursaries. The JWN Foundation through its focus on communities surrounding the JWN sites in Kingston, Clarendon, and St Elizabeth, has played a pivotal role in promoting education and investing in the future of Jamaica.

Criteria To Be Considered for the J Wray & Nephew Foundation

Applicants of the J Wray & Nephew Foundation must be from one of the following communities:

Spanish Town Road
Olympic Way
Riverton Meadows
Majestic Gardens
Seaview Gardens

Race Course
Water Lane
York Town
Milk River

St. Elizabeth

When Dowesha’s seemingly perfect world is interrupted by the harsh reality of life, she was devastatingly disappointed. Now, with the help of the JWN Foundation scholarship, she shares how she has overcome this obstacle and her journey to attaining her MBBS degree.

If you also live in Waterhouse, Gimme Me Bit, Siloah or ​other communities close to ​JWN’s operations head on over to @jwncorporate on Instagram and click the link in their bio and apply!

Application forms must be completed and submitted along with the required documents to [email protected] by July 5, 2024 at 11:59pm.

Academic Criteria

The minimum qualification of this year’s J Wray & Nephew Foundation scholarship programme includes a student should maintain a 3.0 GPA / B+ Average or higher. The student applicant should provide a Statement of Financial Need. Additionally, the student must participate in 72 Volunteer Hours per Year with completion of the Volunteer Hours Sheet.

The JWN Foundation scholarship applicant must write a 1000-word essay titled:

  • How has the JWN Foundation scholarship impacted your life and how would you pay it forward within your communities? (Repeat Scholars Only)
  • In what specific ways do you plan to utilize your education and professional skills in your desired field to make a meaningful impact on society, and how would receiving this scholarship help you achieve those aspirations? (New Scholars ONLY) OR
  • As the Minister of Education and Youth in Jamaica outline three initiatives that you would implement to promote volunteerism in your school and state how each would impact your community. (New Scholars ONLY)

Applicants of the J Wray & Nephew Foundation scholarships should also present a reference letter from a MP, Justice of the Peace, Church Leader, Principal or Police Officer above the rank of officer. A recommendation Letter by Academic Advisor or Professor is also required.

Shortlisted Students will be contacted for a Panel Interview.

Click Here to Download Statement of Financial Need Form

Click Here to Download Volunteer Hours Sheet

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