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CASE Scholarships

CASE Scholarship winners

CASE Scholarships:

The College of Agriculture, Science and Education Scholarship Programs

CASE scholarships are easy to access! The College of Agriculture, Science and Education is nestled on a 254-hectare campus caressed by the lush green hillsides and pristine coastline of the parish of Portland in eastern Jamaica. CASE is a multi-disciplinary institution offering training in education, agriculture, management sciences and natural sciences to young men and women in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. 

Scholarships and bursaries offered by CASE are open to all new and enrolled students. CASE scholarships are offered by pass students, organizations, the Government of Jamaica, and large conglomerates investing in the agricultural training of students.

Options For Financing Your Education

In addition to personal funds, there are a number of sources from which you may avail yourself of financial assistance to fund your education. These include: The Students’ Loan Bureau; Scholarships; Bursaries; On-Campus Employment; and Financial Institutions Offering Educational Loans.

Financial Institutions Offering Educational Loans

Several financial institutions such as Banks, Credit Unions, and Building Societies also offer educational loans. You are strongly encouraged to explore these options, if you are unable to fund your education from other sources.

CASE Scholarships & Bursaries

Several scholarships and bursaries are available each year through the generosity several individuals and organizations. Details of eligibility criteria and application procedures will be advertised by the Registry.

The  College of Agriculture, Science and Education currently offers various types of scholarships to its student population, however, we will present other open CASE scholarship opportunities as they arise.

 Student Loan Bureau

 The CASE currently has a wide selection of programmes that can be financed by Student loan Bureau.  New courses are added on a regular basis so please call CCSS to see if your preferred course of study is covered by Student Loan Bureau. The Students’ Loan Bureau wants you to determine your future. The SLB offers student loan financing at the best interest rate with unmatched terms.

Enjoy their 9.5% interest rate, long moratorium period and full tuition financing (where applicable). You may also benefit from a Grant in Aid to assist with your school related expenses. The SLB works in close partnership with approved universities and colleges to ensure that your tuition financing is handled thereby allowing you more time to commit to your studies.

Work placement programs

The University currently has a vibrant work programme, where students can seek work placement in jobs within the University, or seek employment with one of the private international part time work programs that the University facilitates.

Private Education Loans

Although you may not be able to win CASE scholarships, don’t worry, it’s not over! There are a number of private institutions that are currently offering Education lo to CASE students, we have listed below the ones we consider to be most attractive in terms of interest rates and repayment periods.

CASE Scholarships and Bursaries
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CASE Scholarships and Bursaries
CASE scholarships are easy to access! The College of Agriculture, Science and Education scholarships and bursaries are offered to all students
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