JN School Savers Scholarship

JN School Savers Scholarship awards

JN School Savers Scholarship

Michelle Webster Gauntlette (left) youth marketer at the Jamaica National Building Society, has the captive attention of (from second left) Ashae Whorms, Alex Cephas, and Daisja Langley, JN School Savers Scholarship recipients for the counties of Cornwall, Surrey and Middlesex respectively. They were among 37 top performers in this year’s Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and were awarded five-year scholarships at a reception held at the society’s chief office on September 11.

The JN School Savers Scholarship program has awarded three five-year scholarship to deserving GSAT students. Three 12-year old students are reaping the rewards of maintaining a savings account in the JN School Savers’ Programme and for their outstanding performance in this year’s Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

First form students Ashae Whorms, Daisja Langley and Alex Cephas have been recognised as the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation Scholars for the counties of Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey, respectively. They were among 37 top GSAT performers who were awarded five-year scholarships at a scholarship awards reception held at the society’s chief office on September 11. One sixth form student was also presented with a two-year scholarship.

Daisja, who scored 98 per cent in the GSAT, was at a christian summer camp when her mother received a telephone call advising her about the scholarship. Days later, upon her return home from the camp, Daisja was greeted with the news about her achievement.

“It was an awesome feeling knowing that I was awarded a scholarship,” the former Hoolebury Primary student pointed out. “My new school is okay. I am getting up much earlier than I’m used to and I am also learning more about how to be a lady.”

A JN School Saver participant since she was two years old, Daisja is now adjusting to being a boarder at Westwood High School.

Similarly, Ashae, who has consistently maintained her JN School Savers’ account from she was three years old, was taken aback by the news of her scholarship award. She was the top GSAT achiever at Daniel Town Primary School.

“I was surprised and excited when I heard that I got a scholarship,” said Ashae, now a student at Mount Alvernia High. “I am getting used to the environment at my new school, familiar with the rules and will be working hard to get higher grades,” she maintains.

Campion student, Alex Cephas, who plans to either be a pilot, veterinarian or doctor, opines that the scholarship will motivate him to continue working hard.

“I’m excited to receive a scholarship. I like my new school and I am looking forward to doing new subjects such as history and geography,” the astute saver said.

Through wise money management, Alex was able to accumulate US$200 during the past year, which he spent with great pleasure when he visited Miami this past summer.

JN School Savers Scholarship Scholars

Michelle Webster Gauntlette, JN Youth Marketer with responsibility for the JN School Savers’ Programme, urged the JN Scholars to become good money managers so that they can begin to set the pace for a successful financial future.

“Make a conscious decision to plan the amount you will save and the amount you will spend. By getting into this habit, you will develop the discipline to save, which will be beneficial when you become an adult,” she advised.

Gauntlette explained that as part of the JN Schools Savers’ Programme three GSAT scholarships have been awarded to the top student in each county annually, since 2001.

The scholarship recipients are selected by the Ministry of Education; and the students are required to maintain a 70-per cent average to qualify for a renewal of the award.

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