Edna Manley College Scholarships and Financial Aid

What You Need to Apply for Edna Manley College Scholarships

The Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts (EMCVPA) provide the highest quality tertiary education in the Visual and Performing Arts. An education at the EMCVPA prepares students for creative and executive positions in the visual and performing arts and related industries, and as such the College firstly selects candidates who show an aptitude in these areas.

All applicants to the Edna Manley College scholarships must offer evidence of creative ability and ability to complete tertiary studies through the following requirements:

  • Educational Background
  • Interview
  • Portfolio Assessment/Drawing Examination/Audition

Edna Manley College scholarship are advertised each year between the months of May and June. Applicants are shortlisted by the Registry and forwarded to a panel of judges comprised of the Registrar, a representative of the School to which the Scholarship is being offered, one representative from the awarding body, an independent member drawn from the College’s Board of Directors, and one member from the Scholarship and Awards Committee of the College. Scholarships are non-renewable gifts and recipients are not required to repay the amount of the award, except in the case of poor academic performance, during the year the award was made.

List of Available Edna Manley College Scholarships

  • EMC Arts Foundation (All Schools)
  • Restaurant Associates Ltd-Lois Sherwood Art Scholarship (SVA)
  • Carreras Ltd. (All Schools)
  • Mona Baptist Church-Douglas Samuels Memorial Scholarship (All Education Students)
  • Jamaica Committee (All Schools)
  • Grace Kennedy Foundation (All Schools)
  • Louise Bennett Foundation (Performing Arts Schools)
  • Mandeville Art Fair-Julie Lyn Scholarship (Visual Arts)
  • Roy Hall Memorial Scholarship (Drama)
  • PATH Bursary (All Schools)
  • Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation (Visual Arts)
  • CHASE FUND (All Schools)
  • JPent Studios (Performing Arts)
  • Jah Jerry Foundation (Music)
  • JMMB-Joan Duncan Foundation (Arts Management)
  • Ebony G. Patterson Painter’s Grant (Visual Arts)
  • Sagicor (All Schools)
  • Jamaica Musical Theatre Co (JMTC)-Christina Bennett Scholarship (All Schools)
  • LBW Trust (All Schools)
  • Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission (All Schools)

Edna Manley College Scholarships Qualifying Criteria 

Applicant must:

  1. Be an enrolled Full-time student
  2. Be showing high scholastic achievement with a minimum average grade of ‘B’
  3. Be in need of financial aid assistance
  4. Have demonstrated an interest in making a significant contribution to the extra-curricular life of the college
  5. Have demonstrated his/her commitment to contribute to the development of arts in Jamaica
  6. Demonstrate outstanding social and moral character

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Edna Manley College Scholarships and Financial Aid
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Edna Manley College Scholarships and Financial Aid
Cover the cost of tuition with Edna Manley College Scholarships and Financial Aid opportunities offered by EMCVPA for all enrolled students.
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