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COVID-19 Assistance CARE Programmes

Outstanding CARE Programme payments to be made this Christmas

PDr Nigel Clarke, says payments that are outstanding under two components of the Government’s $10-billion COVID-19 Allocation of Resources for Employees (CARE) Programme, are expected to be made during December.

BEST Cash Extension SET Cash Extension

BEST Cash Extension: The Gov’t Extends BEST Cash And SET Cash Programmes Until August

Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke has announced a two-month BEST Cash extension representing two elements of the Government’s COVID assistance programme. Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Clarke said SET Cash and BEST Cash grants will be extended to August 2020.

BEST Cash extension

BEST Cash: Business Employee Support and Transfer of Cash

The BEST Cash allocation will provide temporary cash transfers to registered businesses operating within the tourism industry. Applications are currently invited to the COVID-19 (CARE) Programme Business Employee Support and Transfer of Cash (BEST Cash) allocation.

COVID-19 Assistance CARE Programmes

COVID-19 Assistance Programmes and How to Apply

All is set for applications to open on Thursday, April 9, 2020 for Jamaicans to access relief COVID-19 assistance as part of the Government’s COVID-19 economic stimulus package (CARE). The COVID-19 Assistance initiative is being led under the $10 billion Covid Allocation of Resources for Employees (CARE) Programme. Applications will be submitted online and persons needing assistance may call the helpline 888-4WE-CARE (888-493-2273).

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