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Rock River Foundation

Rock River Foundation Scholarship Programme

The Annual Rock River Foundation Scholarship Programme The Rock River Foundation Scholarship Programme is an education financing initiative from the Rock River Foundation (RRF) (http://www.rockriverjamaica.org) with concentration in Rock River Clarendon. 5-10 awards valued at US$100 each are on offer for enrolled students of the Rock River All-Age School in Clarendon with an application deadline of

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Sanmerna Awards

Sanmerna Awards $1 million in GSAT Scholarships

Sanmerna Paper Products Limited & Sanmerna Foundation Ltd has awarded over $1 million in Sanmerna awards to GSAT students for recent GSAT Examination results. For the third-straight year this year, Sanmerna Paper Products Limited and the Sanmerna Foundation Ltd have awarded scholarships to students of Balmagie Primary School based on their Grade Six Achievement Test

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Seprod Scholarships

Seprod scholarships

Seprod awards $7m in Scholarships Seprod Foundation recently awarded JMD$7 million in Seprod Scholarships. The newest batch of Seprod Foundation scholars were on Thursday presented with their awards at a handover ceremony at Terra Nova All-Suites Hotel in Kingston. The group includes 27 students who sat the most recent Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and

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