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Arthur Winzro Parks Nursing Scholarship:

Apply for the latest Nursing Scholarship from Next Move Jamaica International. The long awaited Arthur Winzro Parks Nursing Scholarship is now open to qualified applicants living and enrolled in a local college, with a Thursday, August 13, 2015 deadline.

How To Apply For The Nursing Scholarship

The Nursing Scholarship are open to Jamaican nationals enrolled or who will be enrolled in any local primary or secondary institution and are registered members of The Applicant must submit an essay no more than 700 words to NO LATER THAN MID-NIGHT THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 2015.

Essay Topic/Requirements:

  • The importance of a Nurse 

Gender: Male & Female                                                       Country: Jamaica

Value: US$200                                                                    Number of awards: One (1)

Deadline: August 13, 2015                                                     Level of study: Secondary/tertiary

Area of study: Nursing

About the Donor

Marcia Fenderson is a registered nurse, trained in England and Scotland as a Certified Midwife. Currently works as a RN AHN and CLC. She loves being a nurse, loves to teach her patients and encourage health maintenance and prevention of poor health. She is offering this first annual open Arthur Winzro Parks Nursing Scholarship to a well-deserved student who shows evidence of volunteer services, high academic performance, and financial need. The Nursing Scholarship guidelines and application forms are available HERE with the Nursing Scholarship details for download.

Arthur Winzro Parks (1947 – 2010) was a father, brother, uncle, engineer, businessman, and educator. He attended Mico Teacher’s College in 1966. Thereafter, he taught at Pennwood Secondary School and Wolmer’s High School for Boys. During his tenure at Wolmer’s he attended the University of Technology and graduated in 1975 with a degree in Engineering. He grew up in St. Thomas and lived in Kingston before migrating to the United States.

While in the United States he engaged his entrepreneurial spirit and endeavored into many successful businesses. He was able to employ his siblings and nieces and nephews. He was my uncle and I worked at one of his businesses during the summer before I attended college. Being an educator and consummate student he recognized the financial burden of higher education. Initially he offered to pay for all of my books for college.

When I declined, he demanded and I acquiesced—knowing that his offer in many ways was grander than my young mind could comprehend. In the spirit of: an educated society being a prosperous society, I’d like to offer this Arthur Winzro Parks Nursing Scholarship in my uncle’s name.

The Arthur Winzro Parks Nursing Scholarship is only one of the many awards through the annual Arthur Winzro Parks Scholarship Program that is administered by our in-house scholarship coaches at Next Move Jamaica International.

For Additional information about the Arthur Winzro Parks Nursing Scholarship, contact us via email at or telephone at 646.463.3669 or search other open nursing scholarship.


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