Michkail and Michkoy Richards Won the Prestigious ICAJ/ACCA Susil Jain Award

Identical twins Michkail & Michkoy Richards, jointly received the prestigious ICAJ/ACCA Susil Jain Award as the youngest successful candidates

In a remarkable feat, identical twins Michkail and Michkoy Richards have achieved a historic milestone by jointly winning the prestigious Susil Jain Award at the recent ICAJ/ACCA joint graduation ceremony.

This award is presented to the youngest graduates who have successfully completed the rigorous Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) examinations on the first attempt. What sets this achievement apart is that Michkail and Michkoy, at just 22 years, were the youngest recipients of their cohort to successfully complete all 13 professional exams in just two years.

Speaking of their journey to these exceptional achievements, Michkail expressed a determination to attain the award from the outset.

“We were informed about the Susil Jain Award shortly after joining KPMG, fresh out of high school. KPMG has a proud legacy of having many past awardees, and it was our intention to continue the legacy. After starting the programme our shared goal was not only to complete the exams simultaneously, but also to make history by both receiving this award. It is an immensely proud moment for our family, the Ardenne High family, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica (ICAJ) family, and the KPMG family as it marks yet another fulfilling achievement,” he shared.

The joint Susil Jain award achievement comes as no surprise as the Richards twins have been inseparable since their early years attending Kensington Primary School together, through to Ardenne High School, and now into tertiary studies. It was their shared interest in mathematics during their tenure at Ardenne High that naturally led them to pursue a career in accounting. Before leaving the brothers topped Accounting Level 2 during their mock CAPE exams, and Michkoy achieved a top three ranking in management of business while Michkail topped economics, alongside another student.

However, Michkail and Michkoy Richards’ journey to success was not without its challenges. Michkoy acknowledges the difficulties they faced while balancing work and studies.

“Pursuing the ICAJ/ACCA qualification while working in the audit sector demanded an immense amount of willpower and determination. Late nights after work became a common occurrence, especially as exam dates approached. Weekends were no longer solely for relaxation but dedicated to intense study sessions,” he noted. – Susil Jain Award!

Meanwhile, Michkail says he viewed those challenges as a part of his personal development.

“As I immersed myself in the accounting field I gained a profound understanding of the underlying principles and values that govern the profession. I firmly believe that these principles and values will continue to shape me into the man and professional I aspire to become,” he said.

In acknowledgment of their relentless efforts, interim head at ACCA Caribbean Paula Marcelle-Irish commended the twins and the other distinguished awardees. Alongside the twins, Patrick Pinnock was awarded the Strategic Professional Level Award for being the top-performing student in his cohort, while Shaqueim Cameron received the Jasper Burnett Award for obtaining the highest mark in paper P3 – business analysis, on the first attempt.

Michkail also received the Raphael E Gordon Award for obtaining the highest mark in paper F9 – financial management, on the first attempt.

“Witnessing twins Michkoy and Michkail Richards, alongside two other outstanding young men, receive this year’s top awards was truly inspiring. I urge each of you, especially the award recipients, to embrace your roles as mentors to offer guidance to other students on their ICAJ/ACCA journey or to encourage young persons to embark on a rewarding career in accounting and finance with ACCA,” Marcelle-Irish stated.

ICAJ President Eric Scott also congratulated the Richards twins on their exceptional Susil Jain achievement.

“The ICAJ is immensely proud of the dedication and hard work demonstrated by Michkail and Michkoy. Their record-breaking accomplishment is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the field of accounting. As they embark on their professional journey we wish them every success and have no doubt that their futures will continue to shine brightly,” he said.

Looking forward, Michkoy offers valuable advice to young individuals interested in pursuing a career in accounting. He emphasises, “Accounting and auditing require a strong work ethic, unwavering determination, and disciplined dedication. In the field of auditing you’ll discover that you learn something new nearly every day, and this knowledge is invaluable for a future in the world of business and accounting. It’s a path that demands a genuine interest and commitment, and while it may present challenges the ultimate reward lies in the wealth of knowledge and experience gained.”

Having aced the ICAJ/ACCA exams the twins have now set their sights on new heights, with Michkail aiming to attain his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. They are also dedicated to gaining extensive experience in the leadership aspects of auditing to further enhance their professional development.

Source: Twin triumph! as published in the Jamaica Observer.

Identical twins Michkail and Michkoy Richards jointly won the prestigious ICAJ/ACCA Susil Jain Award
Article Name
Identical twins Michkail and Michkoy Richards jointly won the prestigious ICAJ/ACCA Susil Jain Award
Identical twins, Michkail and Michkoy Richards, jointly received the prestigious Susil Jain Award at their ICAJ/ACCA graduation ceremony as the youngest successful candidates. They completed all 13 of the ACCA examinations in two years, keeping their longstanding determination towards the award from their high school years at KPMG. The twins are looking to further their professional development while Michkail specifically aims for his Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
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