How to Write a Scholarship Request Letter (SRL)

Scholarship Request Letter

Learn how to write a successful scholarship request letter from an expert scholarship strategist who have won millions in local scholarships. There is no shame in asking or knowing how to ask for scholarship help!


A scholarship request letter is essential in a successful scholarship and financial aid application process and steps towards a  debt-free college degree. In the following sections we will outline what this letter entails, the purpose and ultimate benefit of a proactive scholarship applicant.

Students who are applying for scholarships to attend college are up against a lot of competition. They need to submit a scholarship application, on the required form, to the scholarship committee of their choice and include a cover letter, which should be your scholarship request letter. The scholarship request letter is the first thing a committee will see and in many cases the only thing they will see. If the letter doesn’t impress them, they may not even look at the application form.

The scholarship request letter should be clear and concise. The scholarship committee will be looking at hundreds of such letters, and the ones that clearly state the purpose in a brief but thorough way will be the ones that are remembered. It is also important for the applicant to present him or herself as a good candidate for the scholarship. This means that they have the required initiative and motivation to make good use of the money.

The first thing the applicant should do is find out what the scholarship committee requires. For example, they may be more impressed if the applicant has participated in community service programs or held down a responsible job. Scholarship applications are not all the same. The applicant must get detailed information about the specific requirements and guidelines.

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The introductory paragraph should briefly state the applicant’s reason for writing the letter as well as the name of the scholarship. This paragraph can have a list of qualifications the applicant feels will make them the ideal candidate for the scholarship. Only two to four should be listed. The letter should fit on one page, so reading it isn’t a burden for the receiver. 

Two or three examples of how the applicant meets the qualifications required to receive the scholarship should go in the second paragraph. These may be contained in the application form, but they will be highlighted if they are listed here.

The applicant should thank the committee for considering his or her application and state that they hope to hear from the committee soon. The scholarship request letter should have correct grammar and spelling and not use any slang or inappropriate language. This is not the place to mention hardships and personal problems although they can mention why they need the scholarship. The aim of the letter is to highlight the strengths of the applicant, his or her academic record and educational goals.

Here is a sample scholarship request letter. It should be addressed to the chairman of the scholarship committee and not To Whom It May Concern. The applicant can call the college or look on the website and find out the name of the concerned person. The letter should be in formal business-style and sent by certified mail, so the sender knows when it was received. If possible, the applicant should ask a teacher or counsellor to check the letter and make any changes that may increase their chances of success. Copies of all communication including a copy of the application should be kept by the applicant. 

Review and apply this sample scholarship request letter below. There is now shame in asking for or knowing how to ask for scholarship help! As the bible states “ask and it shall be given”.

Sample Scholarship Request Letter

Name of Applicant
Address of Applicant
Street, Post Office, Parish


Name of Head of Scholarship Committee or Donor
Name of Scholarship or Institution
Address of Institution
Street, Post Office, Parish

RE: Application for [NAME of SCHOLARSHIP] cover letter

Dear Name of Head of Scholarship Committee:

I am submitting this application for the [NAME of SCHOLARSHIP] to further my education in electrical engineer. I have studied for two years in [Name of University] and require financial assistance to complete my degree in engineering. I have worked part-time in a customer care center for the past two years and wish to work in the field of engineering sustainability. However, I need a degree to advance in this field. 

I spent the last two years of high school volunteering in my community, libraries and church activities in the Morant Bay and have gained a lot of experience in the field. I won several awards for volunteering services, teaching and community clean-up activities. My goal is to work to have an impact on many environmental issues such as solar power, wind power as well as waste management. One of the most profound experiences of my life was a trip I took to see the Riverton City dump and witness the lack of environmental policies that were missing.

If I am fortunate enough to receive this scholarship, I will finish my degree to qualify for a job in a company that promotes electrical engineering sustainability in their business ethic. My father died five years ago and I was able to pay for my first two years at university with the insurance money, but my mother is no longer able to support my university tuition.

Thank you for considering my application. I have enclosed a recommendation letter from my university councilor along with the application form and my transcripts. I hope to hear from you soon. I can be reached at [876-123-4567] or at [[email protected]].




Signature of Applicant
Printed Name of Applicant
List of Enclosures

That is how you ask for scholarship help!

Other Notes on How to ask for Help

Another scholarship request letter that would be applicable to so many students is a letter requesting a scholarship or financial aid from a company, not-for-profit or individual who does not have a scholarship on offer. This letter is basically, introducing the scholarship idea to the potential donor with a view for them to take on the donation opportunity.

This request letter would be design with the same structure and similar wording as the example above, while following the previously mentioned steps. 

Great examples of the perfect times to compose and submit a scholarship request letter in this sense are: 

  • For high school students, what about submitting a request letter to the company or agency where you completed your two to four (2-4) weeks work experience and/or community volunteer service.
  • Submit a request letter to your Community Youth Clubs, Police Youth Club or Church and any other civic or church organization that you or your family participate in or a member of.

Hey guys! Do us a favor and send us your feedback and/or questions via email at [email protected] and share this article with you classmates, family and friends. Lets encourage others on how to ask for scholarship help!

How to Write a Scholarship Request Letter (SRL)
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How to Write a Scholarship Request Letter (SRL)
Learn how to write a successful scholarship request letter and other funding source strategies from an expert scholarship strategist who have won millions in local scholarships.
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