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Scholarship Thank You Letter

Send A Thank You Letter After Receiving A Scholarship

 Congratulations, you have won your scholarship(s) and now you can concentrate on studying for your academic success. But, before we go-off celebrating and getting those A’s, lets take a moment and compose a sincere and appreciative thank you letter to the donor of the award(s). If you’ve recently received a scholarship award letter or email,

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Jamaican Scholarships

Billions in Jamaican Scholarships Available

Jamaican scholarships, like all other scholarships, are gifts. They don’t need to be repaid. There are thousands of them, offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, and religious groups, professional and social organizations. Jamaican scholarships are awarded ONLY to Jamaican born and/or resident students on an annually basis. These Jamaican scholarships are offered

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2017 scholarships

2017 Scholarships in Jamaica

Win 2017 Scholarships in Jamaica Winning 2017 scholarships in Jamaica will be much easier this academic year. 2017 scholarships from all major universities from the University of the West Indies in Kingston to the Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville. Not wanting to take full credit, but, we at have realized that there are a

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2017 Successful Habits

9 Habits you need for success in 2017 — the employee’s edition Successful people will tell you that success — however you define it — doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it a final destination. It springs from constant work, passion, preparation, diligence, perseverance, continuous learning, sacrifice, and learning from failure. It is the result of

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Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship Requirements in Jamaica

Scholarship Requirements in Jamaica: “What are the scholarship requirements to get a scholarship in Jamaica?” or “what are the requirements to win one of your scholarship awards?” Are just two of the most frequently asked questions posed on or asked of me in person, via telephone calls or on my social media pages. Scholarship

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