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Scholarship Application Deadlines

What are Scholarship Application Deadlines?

Scholarship application deadlines are established by each scholarship provider to facilitate adequate time for scholarship application review. We encourage students to respect and adhere to these deadlines for the best scholarship application success.

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship Requirements in Jamaica

Scholarship Requirements in Jamaica: “What are the scholarship requirements to get a scholarship in Jamaica?” or “what are the requirements to win one of your scholarship awards?” Are just two of the most frequently asked questions posed on or asked of me in person, via telephone calls or on my social media pages. Scholarship

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Scholarship Tips

Winning Scholarship Tips for the New Year

Apply early for Scholarships! Scholarship tips Volume One was composed by our scholarship research team to give you a better understanding and ultimately the necessary tool to find, apply for and win Jamaica scholarships in your area. Scholarships are gifts of financial aid to students that are not required to be repaid from entities that wish

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Caribbean Student in Canada Shares Tips on Studying Abroad

ANDREAS Mendes’ Tips on Studying Abroad  ONTARIO, Canada — ANDREAS Mendes is a St Lucian studying Information Technology in Canada. As an international student, Andreas took time out to share some tips on studying abroad. Mendes is about to complete his degree in information technology at York University and is awaiting the start of a

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winning college scholarships

5 Ways to Increase Odds of Winning College Scholarships

Primary, Secondary and college school students can increase their odds of winning college scholarships for a variety of reasons. So it might be tempting to fill a resume with many experiences in the hopes of catching the attention of a college scholarship committee and/or donor in increasing your chances of winning college scholarships. Instead, consider strategically

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scholarship funds banner

My First Scholarship Award

My first scholarship! My first scholarship award was the beginning of a great scholarship career, which is the genesis of my life’s project in and the ability for me to write this piece in sharing my experience with you. I would like to express a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the staff of the National

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2018 Scholarships

2018 Scholarships Preparation Strategies

Introduction to the 2018 Scholarships Process The 2018 scholarships season is about to commence. No need to get nervous, you have time! Approaching the 2018 academic year, as a student or parent of a student, we encourage you to start getting your resume in order, touching up those scholarship essays and start the 2018 scholarships

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tuition saving

Best Tuition Saving Tips For Students in Jamaica

Developing tuition saving skills is essential in covering the cost on Education in Jamaica and overseas. Some consider it a nasty word and rightfully so. It’s expensive and can hang over a student’s head throughout college and for years to come. But there are ways to save on tuition – you just need to become savvy

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Scholarship Thank You Letter

Send A Thank You Letter After Receiving A Scholarship

This article will help you compose the best scholarship thank you letter with our proven researched guidelines, tips and samples from donors.

Jamaican Scholarships

Billions in Jamaican Scholarships Available

Jamaican scholarships, like all other scholarships, are gifts. They don’t need to be repaid. There are thousands of them, offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, and religious groups, professional and social organizations. Jamaican scholarships are awarded ONLY to Jamaican born and/or resident students on an annually basis. These Jamaican scholarships are offered

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