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How to Win Scholarships in Jamaica Post COVID-19

How to Win a Scholarship in Jamaica: 10 Tips for Success post COVID-19

Learn 10 tips on how to win scholarships in Jamaica post-COVID-19 to pay for tuition in Jamaica, the Caribbean and worldwide.

general financial assistance

UWI General Financial Assistance

The University of the West Indies General Financial Assistance programme for new and enrolled students is geared towards the provision of meals, books and cash assistance to students to enable them to attend and fully participate in conferences, academic exchanges and activities which could further enrich and enhance the quality of training provided at the

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tuition saving

Best Tuition Saving Tips For Students in Jamaica

Developing tuition saving skills is essential in covering the cost on Education in Jamaica and overseas. Some consider it a nasty word and rightfully so. It’s expensive and can hang over a student’s head throughout college and for years to come. But there are ways to save on tuition – you just need to become savvy

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High School Counselors

Ways High School Counselors Can Help Students

Ways High School Counselors Can Help Students and Parents Students struggling academically or with personal issues can seek help from a high school counselor. No day is typical for high school counselors. “You can have a student walk into your office and they could be homeless,” says Tawnya Pringle, a school counselor at Hoover High

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