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Scholarship Tips Volume One

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Scholarship tips Volume One was composed by our scholarship research team to give you a better understanding and ultimately the necessary tool to find, apply for and win Jamaica scholarships in your area.

Scholarships are gifts of financial aid to students that are not required to be repaid from entities that wish to contribute to education. Although thousands of scholarship go unissued annually, there are some that are always oversubscribed and some that are first-come first-serve. The main scholarship tip is that your wining hand is to apply early!

Scholarship Tip #1

Understand that the scholarship tip is to start searching for scholarships as soon as possible. Don’t wait until January of your senior year in high school or while at university to start searching, or you’ll miss half the deadlines. There are many scholarships available to students in grades 10 and 11 or while in any year at university, not just high school seniors. Continue searching for scholarships even after you are enrolled in university or college. Sometimes a scholarship tip can worth more than any one award, so please make a note.

Scholarship Tips #2

To be successful, one needs to start the scholarship search early – at least one year before enrollment. This allow you the time to search all possible avenues, whether it be through the schools website,, government agency, referral, your employer, local media, scholarship tip resources, club or association. Peruse newspapers and make note of previous winners and donors, and contact them for information about the next issuing period.

Scholarship Tip 3

Explore our websites (, especially our scholarship listing, the scholarship tip resource centre, and register as a Newsletter member for FREE to receive weekly updates of new and current scholarships, bursaries and the latest scholarship tips.

Additionally, use social media networks to follow foundations, Nextmoveja, agencies and associations that offer scholarships and scholarship tips for daily updates on financing opportunities. Applying these strategies will give you first preference to apply for the best scholarships and bursaries before they are oversubscribed.


It is important to remember that applying early means applying for the scholarship when it is OPEN, be the first to apply! Scholarships have an OPEN and CLOSING date; most are from November 1 to May 30 annually (this may vary by donor). Don’t apply October because you want to be the first to apply, compose your essay (if required), and practice your interview techniques while you wait for opening date.

Do you have a scholarship tip that you would like to share with us and our student population? Please drop us an email or make a statement on our social media pages here.

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