2017 Successful Habits


Chairman and CEO of the Musson Group of Companies and Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica President Paul B Scott – successful habits.

9 Habits you need for success in 2017 — the employee’s edition

Successful people will tell you that success — however you define it — doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it a final destination. It springs from constant work, passion, preparation, diligence, perseverance, continuous learning, sacrifice, and learning from failure. It is the result of habits cultivated over time and practised every day.

We spoke with a few of Jamaica’s successful leaders — including Jamaica Observer Managing Director Danville Walker; chairman and CEO of the Musson Group of Companies, and Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica President P B Scott; and lecturer in French and coordinator for modern languages at the Cave Hill campus of The University of the West Indies, Dr Desrine Bogle — to zero in on some habits you need to succeed in your job/career. Here is some of what they shared:Be punctual

Remember when you’re graduating from college or high school that you’re not the only one, and when you do get the job, you’re not the only person who will be starting to work there that year. So how do you separate yourself from the pool? The first thing is to be punctual and get to work early. That will separate you from the average employee in Jamaica because it’s the early bird that gets the worm.

Ask yourself, ‘If I’m a manager why am I going to remember an employee?’ Do you speak a language? Are you computer literate? There must be something that you bring to the table that others don’t, something that pertains to the job. It’s great if you can play netball but that’s not why we’re hiring you, so find out what skill you have that the company will find valuable.

Be meticulous

Don’t present sloppy, half-done projects. Be thorough and pay great attention to detail. Your work will stand out and your boss will be impressed.

Be dependable

Return phone calls and get it done when you say you’re going to get it done. Become the can-do person.

Be motivated/persevere

Motivation is cultivating an indomitable spirit to withstand the discouragement, failure and disappointments which may come your way. Motivation may be internal or external; the most important is your personal desire to achieve. Motivation keeps you focused on the goal.

Visualise/Focus on the outcome

When you visualise, you see yourself as having already achieved the goal, which has a very positive effect on your motivation level. If you want a home, choose or draw a picture of the dream home and keep it somewhere you can see it daily. The ‘taste’ of success you get from visualisation fuels your passion and drive to achieve.

Tell your manager something he/she didn’t know before

For this to work, it has to be something that impresses, something that will make him/her go, ‘Wow! I didn’t know that.’


A voracious reading appetite will serve you well in life in general, but make sure you read up about your professional area. Things are constantly changing and you need to keep abreast to stay on top.

Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have

It may seem superficial, but people tend to judge us (consciously or not) in part based on how we look, so why not dress as if you’re ready for a promotion? Like it or not, clothing makes a statement about who you are and where you want to go. It doesn’t necessarily mean a suit and tie every day, however, but it be at least appropriate, if not professional.

Source: www.JamaicaObserver.com

2017 Successful Habits
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2017 Successful Habits
The 9 Habits you need for success in 2017 — the employee’s edition from some of Jamaica's most successful leaders to their employees and you.
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