2017 IACR Oxford PH.D. Studentship

IACR StudentshipIACR University of Oxford Ph.D. Studentship

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Two PhD studentships are available at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, to work in the areas of mathematical and post-quantum cryptography. The studentships are fully funded for 3 years and a half, including standard stipends and College and University fees. The studentships are attached to St Hughs College.

Candidates must have an excellent background in mathematics, computer science or physics and the ability and willingness to work on inter-disciplinary research projects. Acquaintance with cryptography concepts and/or quantum algorithms as well as some programming skills will be considered as strong assets.

Candidates must be able to obtain a DV security clearance prior to starting their D Phil; in particular they must be UK citizens.

There is a possibility to slightly extend the deadline below as long as the candidate can still obtain their DV clearance before September 2017. Please contact us informally if needed.

Contact: Christophe Petit, Ali El Kaafarani

More Information: https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/node/24010

Closing Date for Applications: 2017-01-06


2017 IACR Oxford PH.D. Studentship
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2017 IACR Oxford PH.D. Studentship
Apply for the 2017 IACR University of Oxford Ph.D. student full-fellowship programme for qualified graduate students in Cryptology research.
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