Dr. Arlene Richards Scholarship for Wolmer’s Girls


The Grace Scholarship Fund was founded in 2013 to provide academic scholarships, service opportunities and leadership experiences for young Jamaican students of outstanding promise.  The fund provides scholarship winners with the financial assistance to help them attend colleges, universities and trade school.  Our hope is that recipients will go on to achieve exemplary success in the classrooms and in their chosen fields of expertise – all the while, making Jamaica proud!

Dr. Richards Wolmer’s Girls Scholarship

The Dr. Arlene Richards Wolmer’s Girls scholarship is wholly funded by Dr. Arlene Richards, a Jamaican Physician residing and practicing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Dr. Richards.  After completing high school at Wolmer’s High School for Girls in Kingston, she went on to receive her MD from Stony Brook University School of Medicine.  Dr. Richards completed her residency at The University of Miami Healthcare System and she currently successfully runs her comprehensive medical practice in Fort Lauderdale.

Scholarship Amount: $500USD

Application Deadline: April 1st, 2018


All applicants for this scholarship must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Jamaican national
  2. Must have graduated from Wolmer’s Girls High School
  3. Must be currently enrolled as a full-time student at a college or university in Jamaica
  4. Must be in financial need / must have experienced financial hardship in your life
  5. Must attend in person scholarship reception on Saturday, September 1st 2018


Scholarships may be used for funding related to current enrollment by the student at an accredited college or university.  Students may use the scholarship funds to help cover the costs of tuition, fees, books, room and board, computers, health insurance, study abroad and other college related expenses. 


  • Application Deadline – April 1st, 2018. No exceptions.  All eligible applications are due by 11:59pm EST.  
  • Completed applications must be sent to: [email protected] The subject of the email must read “Dr. Richards Scholarship– [Full Name of Applicant]”. For example if your name is John Doe and you are applying for the Dr. Richards Scholarship, the subject of your email with your application should be “Dr. Richards Scholarship – John Doe”. 
  • Attachments – (1) completed application (2) proof of admittance/enrollment to your college or university


The Grace Scholarship Fund is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the application information data that you provide to us.  The Grace Scholarship Fund understands and acknowledges that you have reposed trust in us to protect the confidentiality and security of all the information and data. 

The Grace Scholarship Fund will not use your information and data for purposes other than this specific application review. The Grace Scholarship Fund will not sell, or otherwise disseminate or make available to third parties the information and data that you provide, in whole or in part.  The Grace Scholarship Fund will restrict access to the information and data that you provide to those persons who will evaluate your information and data for purposes of determining your eligibility for, and making awards of, the financial assistance that The Grace Scholarship Fund provides.

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Dr. Arlene Richards Scholarship for Wolmer's Girls
Apply for the Dr. Arlene Richards Scholarship for Wolmer's Girls. The award is valued at US$500 and is administered by the Grace Scholarship Fund. Scholarship deadline is April 1, 2018.
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