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Rock River Foundation

Rock River Foundation Scholarship Programme

The Annual Rock River Foundation Scholarship Programme The Rock River Foundation Scholarship Programme is an education financing initiative from the Rock River Foundation (RRF) ( with concentration in Rock River Clarendon. 5-10 awards valued at US$100 each are on offer for enrolled students of the Rock River All-Age School in Clarendon with an application deadline of

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Dr. Arlene Richards Scholarship for Wolmer’s Girls

HISTORY OF THE GRACE SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Grace Scholarship Fund was founded in 2013 to provide academic scholarships, service opportunities and leadership experiences for young Jamaican students of outstanding promise.  The fund provides scholarship winners with the financial assistance to help them attend colleges, universities and trade school.  Our hope is that recipients will go

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2018 Schwarzman Scholars

Gabrielle Pierre Named Among 2018 Schwarzman Scholars

ATHENS, Georgia — Jamaica’s Gabrielle Pierre is one of two students from the University of Georgia who have won Schwarzman scholarships and will spend the 2018 school year pursuing master’s programmes in China. The other student is Elizabeth Hardister. Pierre, a graduate of the American International School of Kingston, was a finalist in the 2018 Rhodes

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Academic Scholarships

2018 Academic Scholarships Flood

Get Ready For the 2018 Academic Scholarships Flood Come next month, January 2018, there will be an annual academic scholarships flood! What do I mean by this? I have been researching; advertising, reviewing and helping thousands of local students apply and win scholarships since March 2010. From this tenure, I have learned and strategically identified

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Boosting Academic Performance With A Private Tutor

How to Boost Academic Performance With A Private Tutor The typical classroom is a battleground for attention, with an ongoing struggle for teachers to maintain order and stir interest. Highly opinionated pupils tend to dominate discussions, while the quiet and reserved often fade into the background. For many teens, this traditional arrangement is less than

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