Millions in Scholarship Awards available

scholarship awardsMillions in Scholarship Awards available to Jamaican Students

Thousands of Jamaican students now have access to before-now-hard-to-find scholarship awards opportunities in Jamaica.

Four young entrepreneurs – Orlando Grant, Hugh Williams, Mario Parram and Christopher Grant – who had to endure the experience of going through college while desperately needing scholarship awards funding, are trying to ensure that young Jamaicans wanting to realise their dreams won’t have to suffer the same fate.

It was this commonality that led to the creation of Next Move Jamaica Limited that is now operating as

Next Move Jamaica is an online database for scholarships, grants and internships where we list all local scholarships, all the major scholarships that Jamaicans can get internationally via embassies and government agencies,” said Grant. “We are also in the process of publishing a national scholarship digest, which is a book solely listing available scholarships that we will be distributing to the schools, secondary and universities by January.”

Grant said the idea was to bring students and scholarship opportunities together.

“For a lot of persons, the cost of tuition is going up. There is a need. There are a lot of scholarships that are available but people are not aware of them, so we are creating a link where we find the scholarships and present to the students, or potential students, who will be in need of them,” he said.

Enough Scholarship Awards

According to Next Move’s partners, there are thousands of these scholarships valued at more than $4.5 billion available to Jamaican students wishing to pursue higher education.

“We have so far gone past more than 200 pages of scholarships that are available – ranging from partial to full scholarships and from diplomas to doctorates,” Grant revealed.

Some of these scholarships are available through the foreign embassies currently here in Jamaica. For example, the European Union, through programmes like Erasmus Mundus, offers scholarships to students from developing countries.

“We are now the publishers of these scholarships. We have a website,, where all this information are available to anyone,” Grant said. “However, it is really a membership-based site but, at this time, it is free while we create awareness.”

Next Move is primarily funded by donations, contributions and revenues generated from advertisements on the website, and employs a very rigorous fund-raising campaign to help support its services and bring the resources to where they are needed the most – the students.

For information about sponsorship and advertisement placements, contact Next Move Jamaica at either [email protected] or

There are thousands of these scholarships valued at more than $4.5 billion available to Jamaicans to study in Jamaica and overseas.

Sourced from Leighton Levy, Gleaner Writer

Millions in scholarship Awards
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Millions in scholarship Awards
There are millions in Scholarship Awards and bursaries available to Jamaican Students to cover the cost of their tuition in Jamaica each year.
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