2018 Academic Scholarships Flood

Academic Scholarships

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Get Ready For the 2018 Academic Scholarships Flood

Come next month, January 2018, there will be an annual academic scholarships flood! What do I mean by this? I have been researching; advertising, reviewing and helping thousands of local students apply and win scholarships since March 2010. From this tenure, I have learned and strategically identified the best time to get an advantage to be successful in the scholarship arena.

Successfully applying for scholarships is more than the application process or the interview. Having the right mindset and knowing when to apply or when to contact the donor are two of the most important aspects to winning scholarships in Jamaica – and to the world. Applying early for a scholarship that you are qualified for is the best strategy to win. Being an early applicant allows the donor to:

  1. Remember your name as the standout first applicant.
  2. Review your application first and allow you time to make corrections and/or submit additional information.
  3. Additionally, allow you time to apply for more larger or smaller scholarship opportunities.
  4. Allows you extra research time and practice for your interview or follow-up requirements.

Academic Scholarship Flood

Starting next month (and already starting this week, UWI Open Scholarship is accepting applicants), between January 1st and April 30th ALL local college and universities will open their scholarship vault to all qualified new and returning undergraduate and graduate students. We refer to this as an Academic Scholarship flood because, like a storm – it’s a downpour of scholarship opportunities if you look in the right place (look to us!) and ask the right questions – and that’s why we encourage you to call or email us with your scholarship and resume questions.

You may be wondering why, honestly, I can’t give you a factual reason, but from our experiences at ScholarshipJamaica.com, we suspect this period is the official scholarship season because simultaneously during this time the said schools are accepting enrollment applications.

Its only right that you make this important step to further your education with all possible impacting information such as the institution with the best location, culture, best priced programs, most convenient schedules, best ranked and of course, the college or university with the best scholarship and financial aid programs. Basically, the most generous institutions with the best programs should be atop your list.

Get Ready For the 2017 Academic Scholarships Flood
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Get Ready For the 2017 Academic Scholarships Flood
Its time, get ready for the 2017 academic scholarships flood from all local college and university available to new and returning students.
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