Grace Scholarship Fund

About the Grace Scholarship Fund

The Grace Scholarship Fund was founded in 2013 to provide academic scholarships, service opportunities and leadership experiences for young Jamaican students of outstanding promise. 

The fund provides scholarship winners with the financial assistance to help them attend some of the finest colleges and universities both domestically and abroad.  Our hope is that recipients will go on to achieve exemplary success in the classrooms and in their chosen fields of expertise all the while making Jamaica proud.

The Grace Scholarship Fund is currently offering several individual scholarships for Jamaican students. Their scholarships can be accessed by both students starting college and for those currently enrolled – domestically and abroad. To be considered, applicants must have successfully completed high school in Jamaica. To the right, you can review additional qualification details for each scholarship – you may also download applications.

About the Founder


Grace Scholarship Fund founder Charissa Lawrence

Having a good education is something Harvard graduate Charissa Lawrence doesn’t take for granted, as she knows that not everyone has the resources to acquire this. It is this reality and her love for Jamaica that inspired her to start two scholarship programmes recently to assist students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies locally and overseas.

Lawrence was born in New York City to Jamaican parents, and sees the island as her second home. Her brother, she said, benefited immensely from the Jamaican school system, and this has made her a strong advocate and supporter of Jamaican schools.

“I went back to Jamaica every Christmas and every summer while growing up, and I am very much aware of what goes on in the island. My aunt is actually a retired school teacher,” she said.

Lawrence went to Northwestern University where she received a degree in industrial engineering and management studies. She was accepted into Eaton Corporation’s leadership development programme, which gave her the opportunity to help organisations develop successful business models in Europe and the USA. She then moved on to the Harvard Business School and became a Wall Street investment banker after being awarded the Goldman Sachs MBA fellowship. Read more

Available Grace Scholarship Fund Scholarships

  • Founder’s Scholarship for Students Studying Business – $1,000 USD
  • Dr. Keith Williams Scholarship for Dental Students – $500 USD
  • Sydonie Neysmith Scholarship for Titchfield High Graduates – $500 USD
  • Tallawah STEM Scholarship – $500 USD
  • Hummingbird Scholarship Open for All Students – $500USD
  • Community Scholarship for Any Student – $300USD

All qualified applicants are welcomed to apply to the Grace Scholarship Fund.



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