CHASE Fund Health Policy

The CHASE Health scholarship policy guides applicants through the CHASE scholarship application process for undergrad and postgrad scholarships

The CHASE Health scholarship policy guides applicants through the CHASE scholarship application process for undergrad and postgrad scholarships

CHASE Fund Health Scholarship Policy

CHASE Fund Health Scholarship program targets the training and upgrading of health professionals for the Health Sector is aimed at improving the capability of health professionals. The CHASE Fund scholarship policy addresses:

  • the priority areas for support;
  • the maximum annual allocation for scholarships;
  • a cap on each scholarship; and
  • tuition support as well as financial support for other expenses.

CHASE Fund Health Scholarships and Grants are integral to the fulfillment of the objective of training personnel to administer and operate health facilities, children’s homes, palliative and drug rehabilitation centres, AIDS hospices and shelters for the homeless. These scholarships are intended to help promising Jamaican nationals defray the cost of tuition only, to complete studies in specified areas consistent with the National Policy, at the following levels of academic pursuits:

  • Undergraduate Certificate & Degrees
  • Post Graduate Certificate & Degree Courses specialized fields eg. Neurosurgery

CHASE Fund Health Policy Annual Allocation and Distribution of Scholarships

The CHASE Fund Health scholarships are open to eligible applicants pursuing studies in the priority areas. Each year CHASE will determine the areas of focus and cap the scholarships for each academic level. The overall cap on scholarships is 10% of annual income to the Health sector.

Education Grants

The CHASE Fund Health Policy may award grants to selected applicants pursuing or who wish to pursue studies in areas considered a priority by the CHASE Fund. All applicants for grants must demonstrate a genuine financial need, supported by a good academic record.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must be a Jamaican national.
  • The applicant must have maintained a satisfactory academic achievement while demonstrating exceptional talent in his/her chosen area of study as established by school records/transcripts.
  • The applicant should not have received a CHASE Fund Health or any other CHASE Scholarship at another level of study.
  • The applicant must be in the final or penultimate year in a programme that is more than 3 years or at least in the second year of a programme that is 3 years or less.
  • Areas of study must be in keeping with areas of focus stated by CHASE Fund Health Policy.

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Maintenance of Scholarship and Grants

The initial scholarship is awarded for one academic year beginning with the first term of the award. However, a scholarship may be granted for a course of study in which case, renewal will be contingent upon the student maintaining a minimum 3.5 GPA and reporting same to CHASE within the specified timeframe.

When and How to Apply

CHASE Fund Health Scholarship applications will be invited by way of a nationally advertised call in March each year.

Scholarship Selection Committee

The focus for each year as well as the distribution of scholarships across the different academic levels and areas will be determined by the Scholarship Selection Committee.  The Committee will comprise selected members of CHASE Fund Health Committee as well as representatives of the Ministry of Health. The Committee will conduct interviews with all shortlisted applicants as part of the decision making process. Decisions of the Committee will be made and communicated by June 30, each year.


The scholarship policy will seek to ensure that Jamaicans pursuing studies in these areas are not prevented from completing their studies due to financial constraints. The priority areas will be determined in consultation with Ministry of Health’s Manpower and Training Unit on an annual basis.


The bonding policy of the Ministry of Health/Ministry of Finance will govern the policy as it applies to beneficiaries. The policy addresses coverage of the bond; period of service; guarantors; and forfeiture.


Download  the CHASE Fund Health Scholarship Application Form – Health⇓

The CHASE Fund Health Scholarship Policy
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The CHASE Fund Health Scholarship Policy
The CHASE Health scholarship policy guides applicants through the CHASE scholarship application process for undergrad and postgrad scholarships
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